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  • Ricky Gurley
    Dec 1, 2007
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      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, suesarkis@... wrote:
      > Louis -
      > You cannot have it both ways. You cannot want to locate GOOD
      > investigators when you are only offering $30/hour. I laugh when I
      see such
      > nonsense. When I first opened my doors in 1976 as a sole
      practitioner having taken
      > many years to accumulate my required hours, I charged $35 per hour
      back then.
      > That was more than 30 years ago.
      > You get what you pay for !!!
      > Sincerely yours,
      > Sue
      > ________________________
      > Sue Sarkis
      > Sarkis Detective Agency

      Sue is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I pay every investigator that I have
      subcontracting work from me at least $100.00/HR.; when I am able to
      assign work to them. In my honest opinion, the hourly fee for a P.I.
      subcontracting work should not be below $100.00/HR., and as long as
      they don't try to "take advantage", they also have all reasonable
      expenses paid. I also give them a retainer to start the work with.
      And I still make money off of their work.

      I am not trying to be offensive here, but when I see other P.I.s
      offering $30.00/HR., and $50.00/HR., I wonder just how business savvy
      they are? It does sound "business savvy" to reduce the subcontractor
      rates and increase your profit margin on the surface; but if your
      reduced rates are going to net you results that are poor in quality,
      you are doing more damage to your company in the long run, and you
      are setting yourself up to immediately lose a client. When you reduce
      the rates that you are willing to pay subcontractors down to where
      only desperate people will accept your offer, you are more than
      likely not getting a subcontractor that will do quality work for you.
      At the point that you have actually subcontracted a job to someone
      that is willing to work for $30.00/HR., you have opened yourself up
      to the possibility of having to have the work done over again,
      perhaps having the case damaged beyond repair, client loss, a
      potential law suit, and the possibility of damaging your company's
      reputation. A profit of 85% is not such a good thing when you get
      sued for three times the amount of money you made on the entire case,
      or more. Nor are high profits a good thing if they affect your
      overall industry reputation and cause you to lose work due to this
      effect on your reputation.

      I am not saying that you can't get a "dud" for $100.00/HR., what I AM
      saying is when you pay a reasonable fee, you broaden your applicant
      pool, thereby giving you more subcontractors to choose from, and you
      give yourself a wider selection of quality investigators by doing so.
      You will probably have to deal with the occasional P.I. that may try
      to take advantage of your "generous nature", but you will probably
      have LESS problems with this than you would if you continue to hire
      at $30.00/HR.; because a quality, professional P.I. is going to make
      sure that you fully understand the cost when you subcontract work to
      him or her, and they won't deviate from the original agreement.

      I guess one of the things you may want to consider in doing this is
      upping your fee? I suppose it is possible that you might not be able
      to afford much more than $30.00/HR. to a subcontractor? If that is
      the case, your position is understandable, however you are doing
      yourself a disservice if this IS the case. You should be charging at
      least (the very minimum) $125.00/HR when you take a case.

      You do get what you pay for. If you expect to get quality results,
      then you have to pay for quality people. Let's not deceive ourselves
      here; we are ALL in business to make money. There is no shame in
      making money in business. If we wanted to be a charity, we would have
      structured our companies to be charitable organizations. You have to
      acknowledge this principle for your subcontractors, as well as for


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