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  • michele
    Nov 30, 2007
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      For Immediate Release:

      MobileLink Networks, bringing "Homeland Security" to a whole new

      With over 25 years in the Computer Industry, and over 7 years in the
      Network Camera and CCTV industry, Mobilelink Networks has the
      experience and knowledge to put together the perfect, yet cost
      effective solution for you!

      MobileLink Networks has done all the testing and research for you.
      The easy part is the installation and the know how of the system.

      With theft, accidents, illegal dumping, it's hard to get by as a
      business owner, resident and traveler. With MobileLink Networks,
      your safety is taken into serious consideration and serious

      With MobileLink Networks, the customer has an all access pass to
      view security from a computer, lap top, cell phone and the newest
      technology from an automobile/ vehicle.

      The technology that is available now allows MobileLink Networks to
      personally customize your needs and make it work for every

      From construction sites, government agencies, motor homes, and to
      businesses and homes; MobileLink Networks, has something to offer in
      any price range suitable for your budget.

      MobileLink Networks is the new wave of the future in "Homeland
      Security." Bringing "Homeland Security" - Home!