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  • Mike
    Jan 20, 2000
      Don't usually send these alerts...but what the hell... keep your eyes
      open and stay on your toes...
      Be good.....
      Although considered rare so far, detected just a few days ago, W32.Plage
      Worm is one of the most recent viruses to be documented, reports
      Symantec. This worm propagates by replying to unread mail with the
      following message:
      "I'll try to reply as soon as possible. Take a look to the attachment
      and send me your opinion! >Get you FREE P2000 now!"
      If the attachment is executed, a dialog box entitled "WinZip
      self-Extractor-fun.exe" is displayed. Next, the virus will display a
      fake message to fool the user into believing the file is corrupted.
      The worm will then copy itself into the Windows directory under the file
      name "INETD.EXE." and will attempt to send out dialog boxes authored by
      "Plage 2000."
      For more information on protecting your PC from viruses, go to:

      Michael Parsons
      Accu-Fax Investigations Inc.
      905-858-0726 (Fax)
      416-410-3403 (PrimeLine)
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