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11327*** Need help!! I am an experienced Private Investigator seeking employment! ***

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  • Alexmerci
    Oct 1, 2007
      Hello Everyone,

      I'm going to use this as my last resort in seeking employment as a Private Investigator that I am an experienced Investigator and if you know any company or an individual who is hiring full time permanent Investigator, please send me the email and contact information and I will be glad to forward my resume... below is just a glance of the skills and investigation that I have done. Contact me Alexmerci4@... for any information. Also I am seeking Paranormal Investigation.. if you know anyone that is hiring a paranormal investigator.. please also let me know.. thanks.. Mercedez

      Is there any website for investigation classifieds?? Anyone?

      Private Investigator: Worked with diverse clients and gaming regulatory agencies to analyzed, verified, conducted and coordinated various types of complete jurisdictional and extensive due-diligence investigations through surveillance and using various computer applications programs and available resources effectively to quickly obtain massive amounts of information on individual or company’s profiles such as civil and criminal convictions, and legal judgments, credit profiles and propriety ownership and business history profiles. Performed various undercover surveillance operations without detection independently or team-oriented and obtained video evidence of the subjects visible activities. Prepared and concisely planned a precise report outlining the subject’s activities and results. Confidentiality & collecting evidences is crucial and is used daily.

      Private Investigator: Maintained confidentiality. Extensive undercover investigations, Loss Prevention, Surveillances, Detect Infidelities/Robbery/Theft, and extensive background check reports. Executed daily accurate reports, utilized field interviewing and interrogation procedures. Computer data research skills and ability to utilized camera & audio recording equipments for investigations to collects evidences and results for clients.

      Investigation Skills: Extensive fundamental detective training & techniques such as Loss Prevention, Surveillance and Undercover Investigations training, Computer data research, Service Processor Courthouse Records, and extensive background check investigations. Detect Theft/Robbery & Infidelities. Learn Security, Safety Procedures and Alarm system. Learn interview and interrogation techniques. Computer data research skills and ability to utilize camera & audio recording equipments for investigations.

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