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11129Fraud transactions and no checks and balance

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  • Betteye
    Jul 5, 2007
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      I was faded today for only six dollars. I was asked my credit card number and gave the numbers. Thinking it was pay pal.

      Problem is that the confirmation allowing me access to the server never arrived confirming that I had a web account. I became suspicious. I called my credit card company they had the man name, I called pay pal and they to had receded the transaction and the man's name, but refused to transfer me to the fraud department.

      To top all that off, I got a penalized: All the card that I have wit the accompany are no longer usable by me.
      This includes\
      My checking
      debit bat
      visa card.

      That credit card company states that I must wait ten days closing my account, and pay pal had nothing in place for fraud. I sent them a copy of the email that was sent to me and it was not their job nor did they assist or direct me to the proper department or protocol for these types of incidents. There should be a procedure in place if this had been a larger amount of money what would happen? Who us responsible?. There should be some checks and balances the more check and balances you have about an issue the more relaxed we are.

      This is the message I received:
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: <jeffkoch@...>
      To: "Betty Bolden" <the_boldens@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2007 1:13 PM
      Subject: Payment Accepted!

      Dear Betty Bolden,

      This email confirms that Jeffrey Koch has accepted the $6.00 USD you sent.

      Payment Details

      Amount: $6.00 USD
      Transaction ID: 4C693266FJ7466519
      Subject: BroadwebHosting

      To view your PayPal balance or other account information, log in to the PayPal website.

      Thank you for using PayPal!



      PayPal Email ID PP277

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