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11053Re: [infoguys-list] Report or Not To Report

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  • david jones
    Jun 16, 2007
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      All investigation work should be objective, this is not an audit. If someone were able to get a court to request the information that you found no matter how it was found and its the same information, that is key. You do not have to explain how you know the information, but you better be damn sure its accurate.

      Rus B Robison <rbr007@...> wrote: A major consideration on what to put into your report is whether or not the
      report is subject to discovery by opposing counsel. If your report is
      discoverable, keep it plain vanilla. Make a verbal report to the lawyer that
      hired you on any issues you question and let him decide each issue on a
      case-by-case basis on what is exculpatory or not.

      If your report qualifies as "attorney work product" where you discuss case
      strategies, give opinions etc., then you have less to worry about. Always
      discuss any issues you have with your client before making a questionable

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