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11051Re: Servenow article by Michael Dores

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  • administrator@metrodetectiveagency.com
    Jun 16, 2007
      This topic is exactly why I, and probably many others, do not receive
      individual posts from the groups. If I received individual posts from the
      groups, this topic alone would have wiped out the battery in my BlackBerry.

      Bottom line: If you are a process server without a PI license and you
      qualify for one, get one. If you don't qualify for a PI license, don't do
      work that requires the license.

      It seems rather foolish to me to not get all of the licenses related to your
      field of work that you qualify for. I am willing to bet that those process
      servers who don't have a PI license either don't feel they need one or don't
      qualify for it. I know that there are process servers who don't have one
      because they don't feel they need one, but they pale in comparison to those
      process servers who want one, but don't qualify for it. The process servers
      who don't qualify for a PI license will argue to the death that everything
      they do falls into some kind of exemption from licensure. The process
      servers who have a PI license will insist that what those process servers
      without a PI license are violating the law by doing skip-traces, stakeouts,
      interviews, etc... The truth probably lies somewhere in between. If you
      want a definitive answer to the question, contact your state licensing board
      or report someone you feel is in violation, then see if any action is taken.

      Tony Klein wrote: "There is a way to bill for an investigation as a process
      server in California. As long as the investigative report accompanies a PI's
      name and PI number, and phone number or address for contact, it satisfies
      the requirement as a legitimate investigation." This is the worst piece of
      advice I have ever seen given out to the PUBLIC. You are telling process
      servers to use a PI's name and number to cover up their unlicensed
      activity??? That is some ballsy advice. If I caught someone using my name
      and number to cover up their unlicensed activity, I would litigate them into
      oblivion and make damn sure the licensing board did the same. Any PI that
      would knowingly allow you to use his/her name and number to cover up your
      unlicensed activity is quite simply a fool and they deserve to have their
      license revoked, shredded, and burnt. What were you thinking when you wrote
      that on a PUBLIC list?

      Daniel Schroeder, Licensed Private Detective

      Metro Detective Agency, LLC

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      DeKalb, IL 60115

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