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  • suesarkis@aol.com
    Feb 27, 2007
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      Amy -

      I'm not certain who, but someone's not paying attention. Why would anyone
      think the damages were only for 48 hours? Haven't we already discussed the
      fact that the newspaper did not print any retraction within the 10 days
      required? That would have been 10 days from the finding of innocence, per se, which
      was days after the seed was planted by the Miami Herald.

      Another consideration is the betting window. Am I going to place a bet at
      the Preakness and Belmont for someone accused of cheating? Although that
      would not affect the "stakes" portion of the payout it sure as heck would affect
      the "window" portion. Santos' valuators and accountants might be able to put
      together a very convincing projection of what the purse might have been by
      extrapolating the attendance and wagering figures at the KD in comparison to
      the Preakness & Belmont. Add to that those that didn't before but would have
      now had it been for the bad publicity. With that you are looking at a small
      fortune as there is no doubt in my mind that his experts will be able to
      project big losses for both the Preakness and the Belmont.

      Add to that the stigma that will always shadow him because that is the
      nature of the beast and again, I strongly suggest the defendants make a healthy
      and public offer along with another more convincing retraction.

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