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10511Person looking for PI help in a Horse Theft case

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  • Dave Oncale
    Feb 8, 2007
      This is for a PI in Utah, near Salt Lake City, Tooele County area. I
      have a victim of a horse theft, she knows who has the horse, just not
      where. She says she is not getting any help from the local LE. Here
      is her e-mail to me;
      I am so glad to hear from you! I would like some information on PI's
      here in Utah. I would perfer to go through a list myself... It seems
      that PI's here don't feel a need to work a stolen horse case though.
      I had found one early on and he said he would work the case, but some
      how he got his feelings hurt by the local Sheriff's office.
      I don't need a drama queen to work for me.
      I am in Tooele county, which 30 miles west of Salt Lake City & just
      south of the Great Salt Lake.
      I do know who has taken him I just don't know where they have put
      When you email me back would you please send it to
      This is my private email and can do more from it.
      Thank you so very much,
      Sandy & Sockett

      Please e-mail her direct, do NOT contact me by phone, e-mail only at
      oncaleinvestigations@.... She is not my client, I have a
      referral website for horse theft victims.

      DJ Oncale & Associates Investigations
      California PI 18933
      23150 Eastside Road
      Willits, Ca. 95490
      707-548-4328 Fax 707-459-6384
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