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10482Person looking for PI help in a Horse Theft case

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  • Dave Oncale
    Feb 1, 2007
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      PLEASE CONTACT Wendy Knablin direct at wenknbl@..., with fees,
      experience, etc.

      Fellow PI's, I have an Equine Theft Investigators List, for hooking
      up PI's with horse theft victims, the letter below is a request for
      assistance from a victim. Please contact her direct if you can help
      her out. This is in New York state.

      Dear Sir,

      I was referred to you by another net posse member who told me
      that you could possibly help me locate a PI in Ny State in Cattaragus
      county that may help me find out what happened to my horse, and best
      friend Roscoe. I have Roscoe listed on missing horse international
      as missing in NY and Florida. ( Affirmidal a.k.a. Roscoe). I
      currently have received no help from the authorities, the SPCA, nor
      any equine lawyer that I have tried to contact regarding my horse.
      The property owner of the barn where Roscoe was sent has told me that
      he is deceased and that he had buried him on his property. No vet
      was called and he will not allow anyone on his property to view a
      grave. He refuses to show me any proof of my dead horse or to return
      any of my tack to me. If you have anyone that you can refer me to,
      it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you Sincerely,

      Wendy Knablin
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