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10327Re: money or self pride

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  • Bryan McManis
    Dec 14, 2006

      I wanted to publicly thank you for serving the public.

      I was also very sincere about you going back to a Community College
      or Adult education center and taking the time to improve your writing
      skills. Right or wrong and for better or worse, you are judged by
      your physical appearance and your verbal and written skills. The
      ability to express yourself in writing and verbally is very valued by
      an employer and the general public.

      In closing, never give up and never give in. Keep working to improve
      yourself. Learning is a life long endeavor. People that have a can do
      attitude get breaks. Polite persistence is rewarded because it is so
      rare these days. Have a wonderful Christmas and a new beginning in
      this New Year.

      Bryan McManis

      Magnus Process Serving
      Bryan McManis, BSBA, CPS, CLP
      Certified and Bonded Process Server # 04-3-7
      Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Ocala, Marion County Florida

      Office 352-624-1884
      Fax 775-206-9612
      Toll Free 801-762-6059

      4508 SE 2nd PL
      Ocala, FL 34471

      Member of: N.A.P.P.S. Member of: N.A.I.S. Member of: I.P.S.A.

      Graduate of Florida Institute of Criminal Justice

      Graduate of Detective Training Institute


      -- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "me" <fstarnes01@...> wrote:
      > --- hello, all I am the armed security guard, I also do a lot of
      > security, ladies and gentlemen, i am the poor speller,poor grammer,
      > am more than a guard, I have work with chester,pa. police and
      > police to patrol the project housing and homes, for the gang
      > and shooting, rapes, children getting shot on the way to school or
      to a
      > candy store, I have been in fire fights ,with these gangs, ok yes i
      > a security guard, but all you PIs use us guard to make your money,
      i am
      > not talking trash about no one, like others, i have seen police
      run, in
      > fear and hide in fire fights, so what i was talking about before
      all of
      > this started was why no money or self pride,, thank you, all O one
      > thing to all those that carry a firearm and a badge walk the street
      > chester,pa. and philadelphia, pa. with me, O i am sorry you are the
      > one.
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