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10293Re: money or self pride

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  • Bryan McManis
    Dec 11, 2006
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      He may have a firm grasp but I question the opposing thumb.

      The Human Being is the only animal on this planet with that trait...

      What pisses me off is that my 10-year-old daughter could run circles
      around his grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

      ANY one that expresses themselves with this low of education should
      not be allowed to carry a firearm in any professional capacity end of
      story. What was his excuse while the rest of the planet was learning
      how to write? Not willing to learn? The Average Adult Male or Female
      can more then double there writing skills in less then six months or
      effort that most Community Colleges and Adult Education Centers
      offer for FREE.

      It is never too late to catch up with the world in this matter.

      In the end, the principle of this does piss me off.
      A.) Should not have happened in the first place. (Free Will)
      B.) With some effort can be greatly improved.

      End of story Folks sorry for the rant.

      Bryan McManis
      Magnus Process Serving
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      Graduate of Florida Institute of Criminal Justice

      Graduate of Detective Training Institute


      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, Bob Hrodey <rth@...> wrote:
      > Vicki Siedow wrote:
      > > Well the sun was over the yardarm. ;)
      > >
      > Well, in all seriousness. After reading and re-reading
      > fstarnes01@yahoo's post several times, I must admit that "I don't
      > but I'm not sure!"
      > On the one hand it appears that he has a firm grasp of his
      > however, on the other hand he has four fingers and an opposing
      > --
      > Enjoy,
      > Bob
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      > Post Office Box 366 Member of NALI, ASIS, FBINAA,
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