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1028[infoguys-list] Re: Incarcaration Records

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  • Larry C. Miller
    Dec 1, 1999
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      Laura;Check the social security database(it's free)if you haven't already.He may be dead.That happened to me last month on a child support case.My client's ex disappeared in Miami and after 2 weeks of scrambling around I decided to check with Social Security and found out he died in 1995.Just a thought.Good Luck!

      Laura Wallace wrote:

       Ron, this guy dropped off the face of the earth in 1995. I ran a skip trace and it stops in 95...His ex is going for child support and trying to locate him. She thinks he might be in jail somewhere and wants a nationwide incarceration search for him. Can anyone run such a search that wouldn't be outrageous and can state which county jail or prison he might be in?
      Laura Wallace
      Snaf001@... wrote:
      i can help Laura but there is no federal search for the states  that i know
      of. you can search the fed prisons or the state prisons but not all together
      so start with the  state he was last seen in
                                                    Ron Schulte

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