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And they were worried about us !!!

Dear Colleagues - Our industry has been inundated and ripped apart at the seams through the years with restrictive laws tying our hands as investigators with
Nov 24

Re: Can anyone recover texts/emails from an IPhone 5?

Robert - Brian Ingram is the best. You will like him. Valerie already provided the number so I don't have to repeat it but wanted to submit an affirmation.
Nov 23

Re: Can anyone recover texts/emails from an IPhone 5?

(972) 825-3924 Brian Ingram Valerie McGilvrey Asset Management Service P. O. Box 1906 Montgomery, Tx 77356 1 (936) 228-1965 Fax: 1 (877) 894-1212 The Daily
Nov 23

Re: Can anyone recover texts/emails from an IPhone 5?

This person can...  Elizabeth Rincón ACE, CCE, CFCE, CEECS, DFCP, EnCE, FE, LCP, A+, Net+ Licensed Private Detective in NJ President NuVida Data Forensics
Nov 23

Can anyone recover texts/emails from an IPhone 5?

Hello Group, We are looking for anyone who can recover any emails or texts sent to an iPhone 5 from the last 60 days. The carrier for the phone is Verizon. We
Nov 23

Personal Service of Process - Atlanta, GA

Dear List Members: I have a high profile defendant that needs to be personally served a complaint in the Atlanta area. Please contact me privately at
Boerger Investigative Services, LLC
Nov 18

Anyone else having trouble with Masterfiles?

Hello Group, We have been using Masterfiles to run phone numbers for years; however, looks like the site is no longer working. I was wondering if anyone else
Nov 18

Private Investigator needed in Flagstaff, AZ!

Hello Group, We are in need of an investigator to handle on a surveillance case for us in Flagstaff, AZ. You must have a covert camera as well as a high
Nov 17

New Blog Post: Evening The Odds: Private Investigators Put Clients O

I have been working on this blog post with my webmaster and good friend for about a month now. This blog post should interest the private investigators here,
Nov 15

License Plate Readers

Group, I am looking for someone who has access to plate reader data for a case. Please respond privately. Thanks! Roland E. Georgi, Owner Resolution Assurance
Nov 9

North Bend OH

Looking for an assist with evening surveillance in North Bend OH for this Wed and Friday evenings. Please email Gil if interested, assoresearch@... Gil
Nov 9

Just Sharing Blog Posts From My Site

I thought that some blog posts from my site, might give the members here some discussion topics, and inspire further on-topic conversation. First Blog Post:
Nov 6

Re: We are here for you!

Ahhhh predictable and why Alex Price left but I read they were only switching servers a few weeks ago and announced a coming outage. No one has mentioned that
Nov 6

Re: We are here for you!

I still didn't receive notification. But plan to check my mail at the end if the day. Barbara ___________________________ Barbara Wolford Kinsey Investigations
B. A. Wolford
Nov 6

Next Week in Atlanta GA: Open Source Intelligence Training

10% Discount for Association and Group Memberships: Exploring beyond the boundaries and developing unexpected information in places you did not know exist
Sandra Stibbards
Nov 6
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