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eugen radescu | exhibition

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  • razvan_ion
    Eugen Radescu me_series | digital works 10 - 25 September 2004 curators: Dana Altman (New York) & Vladimir Bulat (Bucharest) opening 10 September 2004 : 19.00
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      Eugen Rădescu
      me_series | digital works

      10  - 25 September 2004
      curators: Dana Altman (New York) & Vladimir Bulat (Bucharest)
      opening 10 September 2004 : 19.00
      MLR Galleries [Muzeul Literaturii Romane]
      Bd. Dacia nr. 12,  Bucharest
      open tue-sun 10.00-17.00
      This project is part of artphoto curatorial projects.

      ”Eugen Rădescu on his quest for personal identity disguises himself in a multitude of hypostases, which hide or reveal various facets of his real and fictitious existence. Chameleonic by definition, because he can assume a diversity of parts to express different attitudes, he directs us toward a different universe than the objective one. His new series, openly entitled Me_Series, explores the obsessive world of his intimate phantasms.”
      Dana Altman, in artphoto magazine

      "Eugen Rădescu în căutarea propriei identităţi se travesteşte într-o multitudine de ipostaze, care ascund sau revelă o varietate de faţete ale existenţei sale reale şi fictive. Prin definiţie o natură cameleonică, tocmai pentru că îşi asumă diverse roluri pentru a exprima atitudini variate, el ne direcţionează spre un alt univers decît cel obiectiv. Noua sa serie, intitulată deschis Me_Series, explorează lumea obsesivă a fantasmelor sale intime."
      Dana Altman, in artphoto magazine


      Born in Romania, in 1978. Artist, curator and publisher. He exhibited in Australia, Slovenia, Thailand and Romania. He curated in Slovenia. Co-Editor of artphoto magazine, since 2001. He was writing texts for magazines like artphoto, Live, Asymetria, ART-hoc, Map. Lives in Bucharest. Member of nix group with Răzvan Ion.

      8 pages, full colour, 11.5 cm. x 18.5 cm, including essay by Dana Altman and Vladimir Bulat. Includes images of Eugen Radescu's work. Published by artphoto in an limited edition of 300.  
      The catalogue include a post card signed and numbered by the artist.
      The catalogue will be available at the opening and by order at artphoto@...
      contemporary art magazine                                
      +4 0723033330
      email: artphoto@...
      our special consideration for the personal donation made for this exhibition to:
      Cristian Stan.
      special thanks to:
      Razvan Ion, Dana Altman, Vladimir Bulat, Georgeta Serban, Hanny Bratu, Stefania Draghici, Alex Sandulescu, Lucian Georgescu, Andrei Iancu, Alexandru Condeescu, Gabriela Riegler-Magirescu, Ofelia Cretia, Raluca Gotia .

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