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Research for POLYZENTRAL - a Kampnagel - Project

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  • Marina Neacsu
    kultur nord honne dohrmann bahnhofstr.11 d-26122 oldenburg tel. +49/441/2171702 fax +49/441/2171704 www.kultur-nord.de email: honne.dohrmann@kultur-nord.de
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004

      kultur nord

      honne dohrmann


      d-26122 oldenburg

      tel. +49/441/2171702

      fax +49/441/2171704


      email: honne.dohrmann@...


      Oldenburg, februrary 26th 2004


      Enquiry for “POLYZENTRAL –  A Kampnagel Project



      Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Colleagues,


      Kampnagel belongs to Europe’s biggest centres for innovate and expressive arts.

      In its almost twenty years of history Kampnagel has established itself as a platform for production and presentation of artistic ideas, experimental theatre, dance, performing art and music both on the national and international scene.


      In this context the project POLYZENTRAL took place in 2003 the first time. Because of the great success we had with the project, POLYZENRAL comes back from March 2nd to March 19th 2005. On this occasion we would like to invite contemporary African, Arabic, Central Asian and East European theatre and dance projects searching for their own unique artistic paths beyond the esthetic eurocentrism. Our aim is to show that innovative theatre work can be created everywhere as culture cannot be limited to the established centres of European art production. We want to hold both diversity in form and contents and the artist’s individuality and roots against more and more obvious global aesthetics.


      We look for productions showing that tradition and contemporary art, the North and the South, or province and innovation can walk hand in hand regardless if there are small works from single artists or more extensive ensemble productions.


      As curator of the festival I would like to ask you for your support in the enquiry according to your possibilities. Please publish the information on the project in planning by us and encourage artists in question or artist groups to send us guest-performance offers (possibly accompanied by video)


      kultur nord


      Honne Dohrmann

      Postfach 3328

      D-26023 Oldenburg

      Email: honne.dohrmann@...


      Thank You! Please feel free to contact me if you require further information.

      Kind Regards


      Honne Dohrmann





      Forwarded by:

      Marina Neacsu
      Programme Coordinator

      Goethe-Institut Bucharest
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      Goethe-Institut Bukarest
      Str. Henri Coanda 22
      RO-010668 Bucuresti 1
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