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FW:Call for X-OP Residency in Maribor

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  • Bianca Floarea
    FYI Call for X-OP Residency at Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (ACE KIBLA), Maribor, Slovenia ACE KIBLA invites artists, theoreticians, curators,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2011
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      Call for X-OP Residency at Association for Culture and Education KIBLA
      (ACE KIBLA), Maribor, Slovenia

      ACE KIBLA invites artists, theoreticians, curators, critics or producers
      for one-month residency in Maribor in February, March and April 2011 in
      the frame of the eXchange of art Operators and Producers – X-OP project.

      X-OP - eXchange of art operators and producers is a gradually growing
      network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and centers with the
      aim to establish a European platform for creation of art and exchange.
      With its places, spaces and user-oriented technological infrastructure it
      fosters mobility of artists, theoreticians and executives. It is built to
      strengthen pan-European and global collaboration, common production and
      interdisciplinary approach to art.

      Residency-guest should propose a project connected to the eXchange of Art
      Operators and Producers – X-OP project. It should be a theoretical study
      or an art curatorial work or a production of a visual, musical/sound,
      intermedia or intedisciplinary artwork.

      The residency-guest is expected to collaborate with local and guest
      international artists, give public presentations of a new work at KIBLA
      and potentially in other art spaces and places, or give a lecture or/and a
      workshop and write an overview of the stay. Results aim to be published in
      the final printed and AV outputs: a book/a catalogue, a magazine, a DVD
      and web sites of KIBLA and the project X-OP.

      We cover travel expenses, offer an accommodation in an apartment in the
      centre of Maribor, Slovenia and a scholarship/research grant in the amount
      of 800 EUR. We provide the residency-guest with connections to the art
      scene and aim at helping in facilitating artistic production during the

      Please send your application electronically to: x-op@...

      or to the address:
      Multimedia Center KIBLA (MMC KIBLA)
      for X-OP Residency
      Ulica kneza Koclja 9
      2000 Maribor

      The application should include:
      - curriculum vitae
      - introduction to your artistic practice
      - motivation letter for a residency in Maribor

      Deadline for applications for the month of February is the 31st of January
      2011, for the month of March the deadline is 25th February 2011 and for
      the month of April the deadline for applications is 25th March 2011.

      For further questions please contact x-op@...

      More about X-OP project:

      Aleksandra Kostic - predsednica/president
      KID KIBLA - kulturno izobrazevalno drustvo
      ACE KIBLA - association for culture and education
      KIBELA - space for art
      X-OP - exchange of art operaters and producers
      TOX - edition for interdisciplinary art
      FOLIO - magazine for contemporary art and artists
      KIBLIX - open source art festival
      MED/HONEY - international electronic destination
      FL - Festival ljubezni, Negova
      Ul. kneza Koclja 9, SI-2000 Maribor

      "La rivoluzione siamo Noi." Joseph Beuys, 1972

      Kibla-international mailing list

    • Popa Dorel
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 31, 2011
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