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[ineb] Invite to World Bank Comprehensive Development Framework

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  • richard petersen
    thought this might be interesting to some on this list ... Richard ... Framework discussion ... the ... information on the ... the website ... if you don t ...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 1999
      thought this might be interesting to some on this list ...


      > ------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
      > From: Kerry McNamara <Kmcnamara1@...>
      > Date sent: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:17:52 -0400
      > Subject: [GKD] Invitation to Comprehensive Development
      Framework discussion
      > To: gkd@...
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      > The World Bank invites you to join an electronic discussion of
      > Comprehensive Development Framework. (For background
      information on the
      > CDF, please see the section below. This also gives details of
      the website
      > where you can read the proposal and how you can obtain a copy
      if you don't
      > have access to the website.) The discussion will start on May
      10 and
      > finish at the end of June. The discussion will be hosted by the
      > Bank's "Development Forum" discussion site
      > http://www.worldbank.org/devforum
      > The aim of the discussion is to foster a frank, focused and
      > discussion on the CDF among members of the development
      community. We are
      > especially keen to maximize participation among colleagues from
      > countries. The discussion will be conducted by means of a
      moderated email
      > list, with messages archived to a Web site. Full details will
      be sent to
      > those who sign up to participate.
      > If you would like to participate, please send an email to the
      > address:
      > majordomo@...
      > leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message, type
      > following:
      > subscribe cdf
      > You will receive a welcome message confirming your
      subscription. If you do
      > not subscribe, you will still be able to read the messages at
      > Development Forum web site
      > http://www.worldbank.org/devforum
      > but you will not be able to send messages without subscribing.
      > We hope you will be able to join us. Please feel free to
      distribute this
      > announcement as widely as possible to friends and colleagues,
      > those in developing countries, who might be interested in
      > We particularly invite cross-posting of this message to other
      lists .
      > Background on the Comprehensive Development Framework
      > In his Annual Meetings speech in Hong Kong in the fall of 1997,
      > President of the World Bank, Mr. Wolfensohn, outlined a vision
      of the
      > World Bank as an institution committed to forging closer
      partnerships with
      > other actors to enhance development effectiveness. Last year at
      the Annual
      > Meetings, he returned to this theme, suggesting the need for a
      > integrated approach to development based on a framework
      articulated and
      > owned by the country itself.
      > The Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) builds on these
      > it suggests a holistic approach to development that recognizes
      > importance of macroeconomic fundamentals, but gives equal
      weight to the
      > institutional, structural and social underpinnings of a robust
      > economy. It emphasizes partnerships and coordination with civil
      > the private sector and other development actors. Perhaps most
      > the country is placed centrally in the driver's seat, both
      owning and
      > directing the development agenda with the support of all the
      > players.
      > The CDF is essentially a process: it is not a blueprint to be
      applied to
      > all countries in a uniform manner. It is a work-in-progress;
      not yet
      > another initiative but a new way of doing business, a tool to
      > greater development effectiveness in a world challenged by
      poverty and
      > distress. The central goal of the CDF is poverty reduction and
      > targets such as the International Development Goals.
      > The World Bank is currently in active discussion in about a
      > countries, exploring ways in which the CDF might be put to the
      > Flexibility has been the key in identifying pilot countries and
      there has
      > been close consultation with the World Bank's partners and,
      > with the countries themselves. The key requirement is that the
      > should be committed to trying what is being proposed. Building
      the kind of
      > country ownership of the policy agenda that is envisaged takes
      time and
      > requires changes in both recipient countries and among donors.
      > capacity building in countries is almost certain to be required
      in some
      > areas to realize the objectives of the CDF.
      > The CDF should open up new opportunities for cooperation. There
      > numerous constructive comments following extensive consultation
      > multilateral and bilateral agencies, with government ministers
      and senior
      > officials and with the private sector and civil society. Many
      > have offered to collaborate with the World Bank in implementing
      the CDF.
      > This is critical as the whole framework rests on the premise
      that the
      > World Bank need not lead - or even be involved - as long as the
      > produces the desired results.
      > The Comprehensive Development Framework paper and "Questions
      and Answers"
      > can be found on the World Bank's website at
      > If you are not able to access this website, you will be able to
      obtain an
      > electronic copy of the CDF proposal and the "Questions and
      Answers" by
      > email. By Wednesday, May 5 we will send a message to all those
      who have
      > subscribed to the discussion list, with instructions on how to
      order email
      > copies of the two documents.
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