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[ineb] on Trainings

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  • Santikaro Bhikkhu
    I have been advocating that INEB settle on a clear training focus & revision itself as a training network for Buddhist leadership. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 1999
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      I have been advocating that INEB settle on a clear training focus &
      revision itself as a "training network for Buddhist leadership." This
      seems to fit the resources we have among our most active (in terms of
      the network) members, particularly those in the Gender program & Think

      I want to add a caveat to this. Having seen various NGOs that take
      the "shotgun approach" to training, I want to stress that trainings are
      most effective when they plug into & directly support on the ground
      action. Some NGOs that I know of, and that I have worked with, focus on
      trainings but generally without a clear sense of how it will support
      direct grassroots action. Often, the workshop participants are not all
      that active & there is merely wishful thinking that after the workshop
      some will get more involved. This is rather too idealistic & naive. It
      is not the best use of scarce resources, altho some use of this shotgun
      approach is useful, primarily to see who is out there in the world &
      responds to our interests and vision (if INEB has one). The wishful
      thinking approach can easily be more about what we want people to think
      & do than what they are actually thinking & doing. I believe that it is
      more effective to start with what they are thinking & doing, then help
      them to do it more effectively, w/ more creativity, fun, happiness, &
      inner peace.

      An effective training program needs to be directly involved with
      grassroots action. I hope that INEB can develop this.

      Be cool ;-)

      Dhamma * Metta * Santi
      Santikaro Bhikkhu
      email: santikaro@...
      website: http://www.suanmokkh.org
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