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[ineb] Fw: Press Release from National Peace Council in Sri Lanka

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  • Panadda Kosakarn and Carl Doige
    Dear friends, Please find the following a press relaease from the National Peace council in Sri Lanka. In peace, Panadda Kosakarn INEB Secretariat
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 1995
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      Dear friends,

      Please find the following a press relaease from the National Peace council
      in Sri Lanka.

      In peace,

      Panadda Kosakarn
      INEB Secretariat

      >> From: Peace Council <peace2@...>
      >> To: peace2@...
      >> Subject: Press Release
      >> Date: 25 ????????? 2542 13:03
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      >> National Peace Council
      >> of Sri Lanka
      >> 291/36A Havelock Gardens
      >> Colombo 6
      >> Tel: 075 349696
      >> Tel/Fax: 502522
      >> E Mail: peace2@...
      >> 25.11.99
      >> Press Release
      >> The National Peace Council condemns the shelling of the Madhu Church in
      >> which nearly 40 civilians were killed and the church itself severely
      >> damaged. The battle was fought around the religious shrine in which a
      >> large number of civilians were known to be seeking refuge. It
      >> a ruthless pursuit of military interests and territorial expansion at the
      >> expense of basic human values by both sides.
      >> While welcoming President Chandrika Kumaratunga's directive to the army
      >> withdraw from the Madhu complex after the incident we would support the
      >> call of the Catholic bishops that the area, which has been a refuge to
      >> thousands of displaced persons, should not be violated by either side in
      >> the future. We reiterate our previous calls that places of religious
      >> worship should be treated as zones of peace with unhindered and free
      >> for civilians.
      >> During the course of the past month, territory recaptured from LTTE
      >> at great cost over the past two and a half years by the army has been
      >> Many thousands of combatants on both sides were killed during this
      >> and there was enormous dislocation of civilians. Now, with the exception
      >> the Jaffna peninsula, which still remains under government-control, the
      >> ground situation is back to where it was two or more years ago. The
      >> exchange of territory through military means has not brought peace and a
      >> just solution any closer to the people. It has only brought death,
      >> destruction, dislocation and suffering.
      >> Recently President Kumaratunga was reported as saying that military
      >> reversals could be expected in a war and be overcome. The same logic
      >> applies to the peace process. In this context, it may not be premature
      >> start thinking of a future in which the LTTE plays a role in the regional
      >> politics of the country. The National Peace Council calls on the
      >> government and LTTE to recognise their inability to bring a lasting and
      >> just solution through military means and to accept the need for a renewed
      >> peace process. This would include confidence building measures such as a
      >> formal and actual adherence to the Geneva Conventions pertaining to the
      >> treatment and protection of civilian populations.
      >> The National Peace Council welcomes efforts taken by other civic
      >> organisations, both locally and internationally, to promote the adherence
      >> to International Humanitarian Law commonly known as "The Rules of War" as
      >> codified in the Geneva Conventions. They could assist in mitigating some
      >> of the most brutal aspects of the war for both civilians and combatants.
      >> In the longer term, such dialogue may serve as an entry point into a
      >> process of building trust and communication and encouraging consensual
      >> dialogue relating to wider political processes.
      >> Media Director
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