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[ineb] Re: Introducing myself - Welcome and some comments about INEB and this list

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  • richard petersen
    Welcome to the list John. Now might be as good a time for people on this list to introduce themselves and say a little about their relationship to engaged
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 1999
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      Welcome to the list John.

      Now might be as good a time for people on this list to introduce
      themselves and say a little about their relationship to "engaged

      I also think that it would be useful for the INEB secretariat to
      post to this list on a periodic basis information about the
      activities of INEB. This could be every month or every other
      month. Since the INEB conference in March, I have had little
      information about the activities of the INEB organization. It
      might also be good for those involved with Think Sangha to
      periodically let others on this list know what they are up to.

      In San Francisco, I have participated with the "engaged Buddhist"
      group at the local Zen Center to give away bag lunches to the
      homeless in the city. People getting the food seem happy about
      it and I enjoy the fellowship with others working on the

      Those who have been to San Francisco have probably noticed the
      growing number of people living on the street. This has caused a
      controversy, with some people calling for the police to do more
      to harass them out of town. In the United States all land is
      owned by someone creating a situation where if you don't have
      enough money you don't have a right to exist anywhere - including
      land owned by the government. Those who do not fit into roles in
      society have little place to be.

      I have also taken it upon myself to help a Buddhist monk from Sri
      Lanka, Ven. Seelananda, find a place where he could study and
      improve his English. Those at the INEB conference may remember
      meeting him. If anyone has any good leads or wants to help,
      please let me know. Basically he needs a place to stay and some
      funds for travel. Does anyone on this list know of any programs
      that help with this? In my estimation, Ven. Seelananda would be
      an excellent choice for this kind of exchange and would make a
      valuable contribution to any community he stayed with. He is a
      Buddhist teacher with degrees in journalism and Mass

      Most of my current attention is directed toward the media in the
      United States and how it is used to perpetuate and justify the
      use of violence throughout the world. I would love to hear
      about what others on this list are doing and what they might like
      from this list.

      Richard Petersen

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      Subject: [ineb] Introducing myself

      > Hello,
      > I hereby introduce myself as a new member of this list.
      > I am a member of the INEB working-group of the Dutch Buddhist
      Union (BUN).
      > Kind regards,
      > John Willemsens.
      > ..........................
      > http://www.euronet.nl/~advaya/ananda.htm
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