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The 2005 INEB Conference in Nagpur, India

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    Dear INEB member/friends, The spirit of equality and respect of human rights already embedded in the teachings of the Buddha. He insisted that people can be
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2005

      Dear INEB member/friends,


      The spirit of equality and respect of human rights already embedded in the teachings of the Buddha. He insisted that people can be classified only by deed and advancement of merit, not by birth. Moreover, he made clear that all people are born equal in terms of capacity to get enlightened. There are no such things as class and caste in his teachings. He established a caste-free, women-included, other faith-friendly community, known as sangha - a challenge to his contemporaries.


      The INEB 2005 Conference: Buddhists and Social Equity serves as platform to understand the problems of inequality and ignorance of human rights and dignity, as well as master the principle and skillful application to match the current situation. Buddhists have the capacity to play a creative role in tackling prejudice and discrimination in terms of ethnicity, caste and class, sex, religion, political ideology, etc.


      We would like to invite you to participate in the INEB 2005 Conference which is to be held in Nagaloka, Bhilgaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The Conference comprises of various activities, starting from 9-19 October 2005 as follows:



      9 October 2005              arrival at Nagpur

      9 (evening)-11 Oct 05     Pre-conference workshop

      12 October 2005            The Ceremony to celebrate the 49th anniversary of

                                             Dr.  Ambedkar´┐Żs conversion

      13-16 October 2005        The 2005 INEB Conference

      16 October 2005            Afternoon move to Chandrapur, to the anniversary of the second conversion ceremony that Dr. Ambedkar led on 16th October 1956. 

      17-18 October 2005        Pilgrimage to Ajanta, Pitlakora, Aurangabad and Ellora 

                                             caves (optional)

      19 October 2005            Departure


      Registration fee: there are no local funds available for the conference and so we are requesting those who can afford it to pay the following:

      US$ 325 for the workshop and INEB conference;

      US$ 125 for the workshop;

      US$ 200 for the INEB conference

      Pilgrimage fee: US$ 200 including a/c train, car transport, accommodation, food, entrance fees for the two days. We may be able to offer concessions if more people join the pilgrimage.


      The Conference information and registration form are attached herewith. For more information, you can contact INEB at ineboffice@... and Dhammacari Lokamitra at inebindia@...


      Please kindly book your seat as soon as possible, perferably before 30th June 2005. Your registration form can be sent directly to Dhammacari Lokamitra - our host in India. We hope to see you at the conference.


      Yours in Dhamma,

      Anne Lapapan Supamanta

      Executive Secretary

      International Network of Engaged Buddhists
      666 Charoen Nakorn Road,
      Klongsan, Bangkok 10600 THAILAND
      Ph.: +66 2 860 2194
      fax: +66 2 860 1277
      mobile ph.: 09 150 8084
      e-mail : ineboffice@...

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