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[ineb] Fw: Urgent appeal on East Timor

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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 1999
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      > Subject: Urgent appeal on East Timor
      > Date: 7 ¡Ñ¹ÂÒ¹ 2542 22:11
      > Immediate Release
      > Monday, 6th of September, 1999
      > Urgent Appeal of Observer Missions Forced to Leave East Timor
      > On the 30th of August 1999, the East Timorese people voted by an
      > overwhelming majority for independence. This occurred despite the
      > climate of intimidation and coercion created by Indonesian military
      > militias. As international observers accredited by the United Nations,
      > witnessed the courage and determination of the East Timorese.
      > The Government of Indonesia has recognized the result of the poll and has
      > stated that it represents the will of the East Timorese. Yet in spite of
      > this official recognition, the Indonesian military and their proxy
      > have intensified their campaign of terror and violence. Even before the
      > announcement of the results, we witnessed the burning of houses,
      > indiscriminate as well as targeted killings, and attacks against UNAMET
      > personnel, foreign observers and journalists. Thousands of people are
      > fleeing their homes and seeking refuge in churches and in the mountains.
      > Yesterday, on the 5th of September, we, along with many foreigners, were
      > forced to leave East Timor. The same day, at a press conference at
      > airport, Foreign Minister Ali Alatas and General Wiranto were giving
      > assurances that the Indonesian police were responsible for maintaining
      > security in East Timor and that they would fulfill their
      > But even as they spoke, the buildings of the Dili Diocese were on fire
      > at least 20 people killed inside, the Makhota hotel was burning, the
      > headquarters of UNAMET were surrounded, and two foreign observers were
      > attacked by militias.
      > If the remaining UNAMET personnel and the few foreign observers and
      > journalists still in the territory should leave, the Timorese people will
      > left alone to be slaughtered without witnesses. It is clear to us that
      > is precisely the intention of those who are unwilling to accept the
      > of the ballot.
      > We, therefore, appeal to the United Nations to deploy a peace enforcement
      > mission immediately, in order to stop the bloodshed and save the lives of
      > the Timorese people.
      > In case the Security Council is unable to take such measures, we strongly
      > urge the United States, Australia and the European Union to envisage the
      > immediate launching of an armed operation on humanitarian grounds.
      > Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace
      > Centro de Informacao e Documentacao Amilcar Cabral
      > International Platform of Jurists for East Timor
      > Liga dos Amigos de Timor
      > Peace is Possible in East Timor
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