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  • Anthony Walker
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      From: Dr. Who <worldsocialismchicago@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 8:08 PM
      Subject: Buddha

      > Anthony:
      > I wish to complement you on your really most excellent piece on Buddhism.
      > have known of the horrors of dog torture in many Asian countries for a
      > time. You have done well to give the Buddhists some responsibility for
      > this, or at least for not denouncing it. Your article should be cc'ed to
      > every newsgroup that has to do with asian culture, buddhism or dogs. A
      > really excellent piece.
      > My 9-year-old, Sydney, has become very animal rightsist in recent months.
      > He has always been a vegetarian, which is how I raised him. He started a
      > sort of "gang" (nonviolent) with other kids his age called the Piggy God
      > (non religious). It is very interesting. It not only celebrates all
      > Piggish, but all things animal too. You have to be a vegetarian to be in
      > the group, so now two other kids have become vegetarian as well. I take
      > pride in his sensitivity to life and his early critique of the
      > of animals, which he understands in capitalist terms (having had enough
      > conversations with his socialist father).
      > Keep up the good writing. The Buddhist one was really good.
      > danny
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