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Buddhist AIDS Project Update-- Fall, 2002/World AIDS Day, December 1

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  • Steve Peskind
    November 26, 2002 Dear Friends, We now e-mail free Buddhist AIDS Project Updates quarterly. To receive BAP Updates, if you are not already, please send the
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      November 26, 2002

      Dear Friends,

      We now e-mail free "Buddhist AIDS Project Updates"
      quarterly. To receive BAP Updates, if you are not
      already, please send the message "Request Updates" to
      buddhistap@... .


      The Buddhist AIDS Project (BAP), based in San
      Francisco, California, provides free information and
      referral to:

      * Current HIV/AIDS news, with links to local,
      national, and international resources;
      * Buddhist teachings, practice centers, hospices,
      and special events;
      * Complementary Alternative Medicine services.

      An all-volunteer, non-profit Affiliate of the Buddhist
      Peace Fellowship (BPF), BAP serves anyone living with
      HIV/AIDS, including family, friends, caregivers and
      people who are HIV negative.

      We welcome your input and feedback on resources and
      events pertinet to this site and our work. Quarterly
      e-mailings now reach 7000+ people, communities, and

      The following is the BAP Update,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org for November 26,

      HIV/AIDS News:
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/news.html :

      World AIDS Day, 2002

      As long as
      "HIV unknowledgeable" people enjoy sex,
      the "HIV knowledgeable" enjoy risk and unprotected sex
      with unknown and multiple partners,
      and people enjoy intravenous drugs for pleasure to
      dull the pain and suffering of living,
      the HIV/AIDS epidemic will continue. Meeting the
      daunting challenge of creating an effective HIV/AIDS
      vaccine is years away. Since the epidemic "officially"
      began in 1981, an estimated 65 million people have
      been infected with the HIV virus, and 20+ million of
      them are dead. The number of infections is rising
      substantially in Eastern Europe, Russia, India, China,
      Southeast Asia, and Africa where AIDS is already a
      factor in social, economic, political instability, and
      widespread famine. The number of new infections in the
      U.S. among youth, minorities, and gay men is on the
      rise. The number of AIDS orphans worldwide, including
      Africa, India, and China, is estimated now at 11
      million children.

      World AIDS Day reminds us that our choices,
      intentions, and actions in responding to our own
      suffering and the suffering of others makes a
      difference in this world. We are asked to pause and
      consider our personal interrelationship with the
      global epidemic -- as individuals, families,
      organizations, communities, nations -- as human
      species inhabiting one planet.

      Whether responding to fear of AIDS or fear of
      terrorism, our only freedom is in the clarity and care
      of our response. The Buddha, in acknowledging the
      common pains of life -- birth, illness, old age, and
      death -- taught one clear path to freedom from
      suffering in that pain. Recognizing that all that is
      born, dies; that all accumulation ends in dispersal;
      that all meetings end in parting, he encouraged a
      discipline of open awareness and simple kindness in
      pointing to freedom from suffering.

      Living with HIV/AIDS is one aspect of living for us
      all. Dying with AIDS is one way of dying for many,
      with no two individual lives the same. In sincerely
      wishing for health, happiness and peace for all,
      we can choose to do our best to educate and prevent
      HIV infection, and we can give simple, practical
      kindness to those who are living and dying with
      HIV/AIDS, everywhere. The epidemic continues to invite
      us to open our hearts and minds to the whole display
      and wonder of human life.

      Steve Peskind
      for the Buddhist AIDS Project

      Please visit the BAP "Resources," "Links,"
      "Bookstore," and "Library," pages for new additions.
      The following are some featured articles on the BAP
      "News" page:

      *HIV/AIDS Prevention

      o "Policy Facts, HIV Prevention," AIDS Action Council,
      May, 2001
      o "AIDS Prevention Guidelines," AIDS Treatment News,
      o "Novel, Single-Session Counseling Technique Reduces
      High-Risk Sex Behavior," Reuters, July 18, 2002
      o "HIV Treatment Guidelines Published," Rhode Island,
      the first state to issue guidelines for all kinds of
      HIV exposure, has a drug treatment policy that can
      thwart infection if implemented early, Felice J.
      Freyer, Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, October 30, 2002
      o "Young People Dying of Embarrassment - HIV Report,"
      Susan Lee, Inter Press Service, December 10, 2001
      o "Aging of AIDS," The silent risk group for HIV
      infection: senior citizens, Mary Marcus Brophy, U.S.
      News and World Report, August 12, 2002
      o "Double Jeopardy," Series of superinfection reports
      leave researchers debating not "If" but "How" and what
      it all means, Richard Jeffreys, Treatment Action
      October, 2002
      o "A Wake-Up Call to the Community," Thomas J. Coates,
      San Francisco Chronicle, June 21, 2002
      o "HIV and Oral Sex, David Salyer, AIDS Survival
      Project, November, 2001
      o "10 Things Gay Men Should Discuss With Their
      Doctors," Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, July
      18, 2002
      o "Frequent Use of Nonoxynol-9 Increases Risk of HIV
      Transmission," Laurie Barclay, M.D., Medscape Medical
      News, September 30, 2002
      + 7 more excellent articles.

      *HIV/AIDS -- Medicine, Policy, and Politics

      o "Politics and Policy -- Colin Powell says AIDS
      Pandemic 'Biggest Problem on Earth' During Speech
      Honoring U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan," November
      14, 2002
      o "State of the Union Neglects AIDS," Commentary by
      Thomas Coates, Stephen Morin, and Jeff Sheehy,
      ABCNews.com, January 31, 2002
      o "Legal/Medical Issues," AIDS Treatment News, January
      25, 2002
      o "The Urgent Search for an AIDS Plan," Lawrence K.
      Altmann, M.D., The New York Times, July 16, 2002
      o "Can AIDS Be Stopped?" Helen Epstein, Lincoln Chen,
      The New York Review of Books, March 14, 2002
      o "U.N. Agency Appeals to Private Donors to Help in
      Hunger Crisis in Africa," AP, November 21, 2002
      o "Eurasia and the Epidemic," George F. Will,
      November 11, 2002
      o "Medecins Sans Frontieres Criticizes Drug Maker
      for Failing to Adhere to Pledge to Cut AIDS Drug
      in Developing Nations," Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report,
      November 15, 2002
      o "Drug Agency Approves Quick Test for HIV," Sheryl
      Stoltenberg, The New York Times, November 8, 2002
      o "Inexpensive Test Predicts AIDS Progression,"
      McKinney, Reuters Health, October 27, 2002
      o "AIDS Plague Is the Defining Crisis of Our Time,"
      Dan Rather, The Houston Chronicle, August 12, 2002

      + Articles on latest research and developments with
      the fusion inhibitor, Fuzeon, as well as new RNA
      Interference drugs, and three proteins which may
      counter HIV.
      + More in-depth excellent reporting on worldwide news,
      including AIDS in India, and the U.S. Government's
      inadequate response to the world pandemic.

      Buddhist News:

      In "Events": November/December 2002, talks, classes,
      ongoing meditation groups, workshops, and retreats at
      Spirit Rock Meditation Center and affiliate groups,
      San Francisco Zen Center and Green Gulch Farm,
      Vajrayana Foundation, Orgyen Dorje Den, Rigpa
      Fellowship and other SF Bay Area Buddhist centers; Zen
      Hospice Project in SF enters the second year of its
      "End of Life Counselor" Certification Program; Contact
      information for the Village Zendo/White Plum AIDS
      Network, NYC; Contact information for Northwest Dharma


      o Published on Saturday, July 20, 2002 in the
      Asheville Citizen-Times (North Carolina)
      "How Can I Serve? A Path of Spiritual Activism,"
      by Bruce Mulkey

      o "AFRICA: Thailand's lessons to help local HIV/AIDS
      Religious organisations can help dispel the stigma
      associated with HIV/AIDS

      On the "Library" page:

      o "Letters from the World of AIDS: Documentary Film
      Director Robert Bilheimer interviews the Dalai Lama on

      o "What's Past Jersey?", Seth Castleman, Centerforce
      (Prison) Meditation Project and the Lineage Project,
      Killing the Buddha.com

      o "Inviting Fear," Amaro Bhikku, Tricycle Magazine,
      Spring, 2002

      o "Bursting the Bubble of Fear,"[excerpt], Ezra Bayda,
      Tricycle Magazine, Spring, 2002

      o "Gay/Straight, Man/Woman, Self/Other: What Would the
      Buddha Have Had to Say About Gay Liberation?", An
      Interview with Jose Cabezon by Amy Edelstein, What is
      Enlightenment? Magazine, J16

      o "Death is the Mother of Beauty," Ken McLeod, from
      "Awake: Art, Buddhism and Dimensions of Consciousness:
      White Paper III," 2001. Includes practical
      contemplations on death from a Buddhist perspective.

      o "Buddhism and Homosexuality: Reply by Ven. Dr. K.
      Sri Dhammananda," January, 2001

      o "In the Realm of Relationship," Jeffrey Hopkins
      interview with Mark Epstein, Tricycle, Summer 1996

      o "A Zen Buddhist Perspective on Same-Gender
      Marriage," Robert Aitken Roshi's Written Testimony To
      the Commission on Sexual Orientation and the Law,
      State of Hawaii, October 11, 1995

      Updated: BAP "Links" Category: "Buddhist Hospice
      Services -- SF Bay Area, National and International"

      Updates and New Listings for:

      Zen Hospice Project -- San
      Maitri Residential Care -- San Francisco
      NEW: Kusinara -- New Mexico/U.S./ International
      Rigpa Fellowship -- Spiritual Care, Education and
      Training Program -- San Francisco/U.S./International
      Upaya -- Project on Being with Dying -- New
      National Prison Hospice Association -- U.S.
      Amitabha Hospice Service -- New Zealand/International
      Amitabha Buddhist Center -- Singapore
      Karuna Hospice -- Australia
      Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation --Taiwan
      The Buddhist Hospice Trust -- Great Britain

      NEW: In "Resources", all of the above, plus:

      Issan House and the Maitri Center: Housing and Health
      Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS -- NYC


      NEW in the BAP "Bookstore" and Recommended Reading:
      "The Four Noble Truths," Venerable Ajahn Sumedho,
      (Amaravati Publications, 1992). Very clear
      introduction and in-depth investigation of the
      Buddha's central teaching.

      FREE distribution from:

      Amaravati Publications, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery,
      Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HPI
      3BZ, England

      Also, "New Books Noted" in the "Bookstore,"
      o "One Dharma: The Emerging Western Buddhism," by
      Joseph Goldstein
      o "Not Always So, Practicing the True Spirit of Zen,"
      by Suzuki Shunryu Roshi and Ed Brown
      o "What Dying People Want, Practical Wisdom for the
      End of Life," by David Kuhl, M.D.

      Thanks to volunteers and community worldwide.

      We much appreciate your feedback and contributions.


      Steve Peskind
      Buddhist AIDS Project
      E-mail: buddhistap@...
      24 Hour Voicemail: (415)522-7473

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