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      Subject: Fw: international course for your information
      Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 16:57:48 +0530


                                                          International course
                                                                 RESOLVING CONFLICT
                                                          14thoct-28th oct, 2002  India

      Conflict is an inevitable and inherent aspect of individual or community life. Unfortunately, often it is viewed as the most unpleasant and unwanted element of life.Frequently, it is equated with violent and destruction. However, conflict when placed in proper perspective, could be a great source of learning, understanding and peace. The key lies in identifying the intricate elements of conflict and becoming aware of their multidimensional nature. This places the person in observer mode providing a larger perspective. As a result, there is harmonious balance between thinking and feeling, culminating in transforming conflict into an exhilarating learning experience. Tremendous energy stored in conflict will then be released which can be utilised creatively and productively.

      The process leads the members through a journey of exploration of experiences with emphasis on awareness & acceptance.
      The continuum of self-group-collective is maintained throughout.
      The course is highly experiential in nature. Methodologies like Simulation games and case studies are used at times, whereas action - reflection continues to be the base during the entire process.
      Relaxation exercises & exercises from yoga & other eastern systems will be adopted & used in the training.

      1. Pattern in life formed unconsciously leading to recreation of conflict and other experiences,�n
      2. Nature, structure & stages of conflict (both personal & collective),�n
      3. One's needs, values, consequences of fulfilling the needs and of standing for the values,�n
      4. Self acceptance and self growth�n
      5. Ways of tapping the tremendous energy contained in conflict�n
      6. One's own conflict resolution styles.

      �nTo recognise feelings, diagnose needs and fears, and improve one's ability to deal with conflict in community and organisation,
      2.�nTo improve one's effectiveness in interpersonal interaction and derive greater satisfaction from relationship and create atmosphere for working for peace
      3.�nTo explore the existing attitudes for increasing the impact of one's work and organisation and to give meaning to the activities of the organisation
      4.�nTo learn and practice new skills and techniques, necessary for conflict resolution/problem solving in a community and organisation,
      5.�nTo explore what, why and how of activities of organisation and understand the nature of conflict in this context, and
      6.�nTo get exposed to different approaches to conflict resolution and working for peace.

      FOR WHOM
      �nDirectors/Administrators and senior members of Non Govt.
          Organisation,Donor agencies who involve in day-to-day problems of the organisation,
      2.�nHRD trainers, managerial staff members of Public and corporate
          Sectors who are involved in training their personnel,
      3.�nLeaders of Trade Union, Women Leaders, Priests, Nuns, Pastors of
          church, leaders of Hindu/Muslim and other religious leaders of
          conflicting groups who would like to prepare themselves to work as mediators in conflict              situations in the organisation or the community
      4.�nIndividuals affected by stress, anxiety and high reactions who would like to respond to     situations/life appropriately and to grow and evolve.

      Development stages of conflict,�n
      2. Conflict behaviours in different types of conflict,�n
      3. Mediation and negotiation,�n
      4. Conflict resolution styles,�n
      5. Mapping and assessing conflict styles,�n
      6. Attitudes for assertiveness.
      Irrespective of the title of the course, this training will be very useful for those who are willing
      1. To undergo the process of exploration of their own feelings, need values and conviction and         change.�n
      2. To become more humane & to extend care and concern to oneself and others,�n
      3. To identify issues, blocks and take steps to evolve, be initiators of change and become mediators in resolving conflict.

      This is the international course on "Resolving Conflict" conducted by THREAD (team for human resource education and action for development), one of the six siddharth villages - a chain of HRD and healing institutes in India.The course is highly intensive, experiential, and therapeutic in nature. Action reflection and process work/laboratory approach form the base for the methodologies used. This course creates opportunity for members to learn through living with individuals from diverse creeds and culture.

      Additional resources available : Yoga and other stress relieving exercises

                                                  ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS

      Duration : 14th October-28th October 2002.
      Medium : English
      Maximum No. of Participant : 25 seats only.
      Last date of nomination : Before 25th September 2002
      (Students from other countries (outside India) are advised to get admitted at least two months before the commencement of the course for obtaining visa in time)

                          For NGOs              For NGOs & donor                 For members nominated
                          & religious             agencies from other                by Corporate sectors and
                          groups in India       countries                                UN & bilateral agencies
      Regn. fees     Rs. 1,000/-           US $ 25 or equivalent to IRS     US $ 35 or equivalent to IRS
      Course fees* Rs. 12,000/-         US $ 500 or equivalent to IRS     US $ 600 or equivalent to IRS
      Scholarship** Rs. 7,000/-         US $ 250 or equivalent to IRS      NIL
      * Inclusive of boarding & lodging and training materials.
      **THREAD, Orissa has limited no. of scholarships available for deserving individuals and organisations.
      siddharth village,
      Post Box No. 9, Jatni - 752 050,
      Dist - Khurda, Orissa.
      Ph : 91-674-490516, Fax : 91-674-490160,
      e-mail - thread@...

      International Network of Engaged Buddhists
      PO Box 19 Mahadthai Post Office
      Bangkok 10206
      ph/fax: +66 2 437 9450

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