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Fwd: Buddhist monk's Peace March Pakistan-India: Appeal for help, pls circulate

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      Subject: Buddhist monk's Peace March Pakistan-India: Appeal for help, pls circulate
      Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 23:41:19 +0200

      Dear friends of peace
      Many of you will know of the remarkable Japanese Buddhist monk Junsei
      Terasawa, who has devoted his life to nonviolence and peace-making in many
      places of conflict. Over the last 10 years he has been engaged in trying to
      prevent, and then stop, the slaughter in Chechnya. He was a key figure in
      the organisation of the Mothers' March of Compassion from Russia to Chechnya
      in 1994. More recently he was in Bethlehem helping with the inter-religious
      effort to free the Palestinians in the Church of the Nativity.

      Ven. Terasawa was in Geneva in early June at the height of the tension
      between India and Pakistan and he joined in our peace witness outside the
      United Nations. Since then he has moved across EurAsia to Pakistan, where he
      is gathering support for a Peace March to urge a peaceful settlement of the
      Kashmir dispute. The plan is to bring a group of monks and peace friends to
      Pakistan and also to India, since the aim is to take the group across the
      border to underline the need to break down barriers separating the two
      countries. It will begin on Hiroshima Day (Aug 6) from the Buddhist stupa in
      Taxila, built by the Emperor Ashoka, and will end some 6 weeks later at
      Ashoka�s Stupa at Sanchi, India. "In this way our Peace March wishes to
      remind the people of Pakistan and India, as well as the whole world, of the
      Emperor Ashoka�s message of permanent renunciation of war and violence,
      respect for life and all religions".

      A public statement describing the whole plan and its philosophy will be
      available shortly. Few of us need reminding of the urgency and importance of
      achieving a settlement of this tragic conflict.

      Meetings have been held with high level officials to ensure official
      approval of the March; and Ven.Terasawa is using his connections to Mikhail
      Gorbachev and Prince Hassan of Jordan to ensure VIP backing.

      He writes: "At least 10 to 15 participants are guaranteed from the
      beginning. Through IPB contacts we also welcome any participants, who are
      qualified to meet the fundamental commitment to non-violence, nuclear
      disarmament, and respect for all religions. However, they should be
      self-sufficient financially." More details are available now for those
      persons who may be interested in joining the group or publicising it.
      Reports for distribution to mass media and movement press will be published
      in due course.

      In order to make this ambitious and courageous plan a success, Ven. Terasawa
      has asked me to circulate an appeal for financial support (something he has
      never done before). I urge you to consider whether you are able to
      contribute, and also to circulate this appeal to others in your network,
      publish it in newsletters, and on websites.

      Ven. Terasawa is a member of the Nipponzan Myohoji order whose monks have a
      long record of practical commitment to disarmament and peacemaking. They are
      often seen at the head of peace marches, with their peace drums. However
      their less public work behind the scenes is not so well known.

      While participants are already contributing in various ways, including
      financially, approximately US$5-10,000 are needed to ensure basic food,
      shelter, some travel expenses etc over the 6 weeks, as well as visa costs
      and communications.

      Please make any contributions payable to the International Peace Bureau,
      clearly marked 'PEACE MARCH'. For methods of payment see below. We will
      transmit the money to the organisers.

      Thank you for your encouragement, and I hope to hear from you.

      Best wishes

      From: (Mr) Colin Archer, Secretary-General
      International Peace Bureau
      41 rue de Zurich, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland.
      Tel: +41-22-731-6429, Fax: 738-9419
      Email: mailbox@...
      Web: http://www.ipb.org
      also: www.haguepeace.org
      and http://youth.haguepeace.org

      IPB is the oldest and the most comprehensive of the international peace
      federations - covering issues from nuclear weapons and small arms to human
      rights and peace education. Current main programmes are the Hague Appeal for
      Peace Global Campaign for Peace Education, and the Disarmament and Human
      Security Programme. Recent publications include 'Peace is Possible' (35
      short accounts of positive successes in peacemaking), and 'Time to Abolish
      War!' (an easy to read resource written by youth for youth). For details of
      membership, projects, publications etc consult our 3 websites - or write to
      above address.

      How to transfer money to IPB
      � Swiss Francs (CHF) direct to our Swiss Postal (Giro) account (CCP :
      12-2014-6). or: CHF by cheque sent to our office : 41 rue de Z�rich,
      CH-1201 Geneva (Swiss members may use Bulletin de Versement)
      OR by bank/wire transfer to our main bank account : BANQUE COOP, 6-8 Place
      Longemalle, CH-1204 Geneva. Account No: 140049.29.00.90-9. Swiftcode :
      COOPCHBB - Clearing No : 8447.
      � US $ Bank/wire transfer to our US $ bank account BANQUE COOP, 6-8 Place
      Longemalle, CH-1204 Geneva. Account No : 40049.31.00.90-6 Swiftcode :
      COOPCHBB - Clearing No : 8447. OR by $ cheque sent to our office.
      * Euros: by bank/wire transfer to our Euro bank account : BANQUE COOP, 6-8
      Place Longemalle, CH-1204 Geneva. Account No: 140049.31.01.90-2. Swiftcode :
      COOPCHBB - Clearing No : 8447.
      � � sterling cheque, sent to our Geneva office.
      � Norwegian Kroner (NOK), transfer to our Norwegian Post Giro account (0540

      For small amounts (such as book sales):
      � Cash in any major currency (saves us bank charges). For safety put notes
      in an envelope inside another envelope.
      � International Postal Reply Coupons
      Note : whichever method you choose please indicate the purpose of the
      payment : "Membership Fee", "literature", "donation" "Peace March" etc and
      sender's name and address.
      All donations are tax-deductible. The IPB is a non-profit association
      registered under Swiss law.


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      PO Box 19 Mahadthai Post Office
      Bangkok 10206
      ph/fax: +66 2 437 9450

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