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Buddhist AIDS Project Update-- Spring, 2002

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  • Steve Peskind
    March 30, 2002 Dear Friends, We now e-mail free Buddhist AIDS Project Updates quarterly. To receive BAP news, please send the message Request Updates to
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      March 30, 2002

      Dear Friends,

      We now e-mail free "Buddhist AIDS Project Updates"
      quarterly. To receive BAP news, please send the
      message "Request Updates" to buddhistap@... .


      The Buddhist AIDS Project (BAP), based in San
      Francisco, California, provides free information and
      referral to:

      * Current HIV/AIDS news, with links to local,
      national, and international resources;
      * Buddhist teachings, practice centers, and special
      * Complementary Alternative Medicine services.

      An all-volunteer, non-profit Affiliate of the Buddhist
      Peace Fellowship (BPF), BAP serves anyone living with
      HIV/AIDS, including family, friends, caregivers and
      people who are HIV negative.

      We welcome your input and feedback on resources and
      events pertinet to this site and our work. Quarterly
      e-mailings now reach 3000+ people, communities, and

      The following is the BAP Update,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org for March 30,

      HIV/AIDS News:
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/news.html :

      o Recommended HIV/AIDS News Sources -- to check
      regularly for daily and weekly news (Direct links on
      "News" page):
      HIV InSite, University of California, San Francisco
      The Body.com
      New Mexico AIDS Info Net
      Project Inform
      AIDS Treatment News
      Direct Access Alternative Information Resources(DAAIR)

      o In "Events":
      Recent coverage of the "The 9th Conference on
      Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections," by

      Information on the upcoming "XIV International AIDS
      Conference in Barcelona, Spain, July 7 -12", including
      a Conant Foundation scholarship for attending the

      o In "Resources":
      "AIDS Related Buyers Clubs," from AIDS Treatment News

      o HIV/AIDS Prevention
      "Policy Facts/ HIV Prevention," AIDS Action Council,
      " HIV Prevention Guidelines," AIDS Treatment News,
      " Post Exposure Prophylaxis," AIDS Treatment News,
      " HIV and Oral Sex," David Salyer, AIDS Survival
      Project, November, 2001
      -- and more

      o HIV/AIDS Medical News
      "New HIV Drugs: Extensive List,Additional
      (With direct links) AIDS Treatment News, October, 2001
      " New Findings May Help Doctors Prevent HIV Drug
      Resistance," NIAID, November, 2001
      "HIV Research: Year 2001 In Review," Planet Out
      -- and more

      o Recent Commentary on AIDS Political and Economic
      "State of the Union Neglects AIDS," Commentary by
      Thomas Coates, Stephen Morin, Jeff Sheahy, ABC
      News.com, January 31, 2002
      "Legal and Medical Issues," AIDS Treatment News
      Update, January, 2002
      "Can AIDS Be Stopped?", Helen Epstein, Lincoln Chen,
      New York Review of Books, March, 2002
      "Testimony to the Hearing of the Committee on Foreign
      Relations of the U.S. Senate Halting Global Spread of
      HIV/AIDS: Future of U.S. Bilateral and Multilateral
      Responses," Peter Piot, U.N. AIDS Executive Director
      -- and more

      o HIV/AIDS/Asia
      "Thai AIDS Treatment Ignites Debate," Rachel
      Zimmerman, Robert Frank, The Wall Street Journal,
      March 29, 2002
      "Spread of AIDS in Rural China Ignites Protests,"
      Elizabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times, December,


      Buddhist News:

      o In "Events": April, 2002, talks, classes, ongoing
      meditation groups, workshops, and retreats at Spirit
      Rock Meditation Center and affiliate groups, San
      Francisco Zen Center and Green Gulch Farm, Vajrayana
      Foundation, Orgyen Dorje Den, Rigpa Fellowship and
      other SF Bay Area Buddhist centers; Coming up: Maitri
      Residential Care Volunteer Training in San Francisco,
      April, 2002; Contact information for the Village
      Zendo/White Plum AIDS Network, NYC; Contact
      information for Northwest Dharma Association.


      Maitri Residential Care, San Francisco: Volunteer

      Want to give back to your community and make a
      difference in someone's life? Maitri, a fifteen room
      residential care facility for people living with AIDS,
      is looking for volunteers to provide emotional and
      practical support to residents. We ask for a minimum
      of a six month commitment of four hours a week.There
      is an upcoming volunteer training on April 13,
      14 and 18. If interested please call Sara Lesser
      Volunteer/Activities Coordinator at (415) 558-3004.


      In "Library": NEW: "Death is the Mother of Beauty,"
      Ken McLeod, from "Awake: Art, Buddhism and Dimensions
      of Consciousness: White Paper III," 2001. Includes
      practical contemplations on death from a Buddhist

      NEW: "Buddhism and Homosexuality: Reply by Ven. Dr. K.
      Sri Dhammananda," January, 2001

      Article: Buddhist Monks Play Leading Role in the
      Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Asia,"
      Associated Press

      o Some Useful Buddhist Links to visit regularly:
      (Direct links on "News" page)

      Buddhist Peace Fellowship -- For over two decades, the
      Buddhist Peace Fellowship has been in the forefront of
      socially engaged Buddhism. Through their projects and
      publications, they strive to apply Buddhist principles
      to such issues as
      � human rights
      � systemic violence
      � economic justice
      � environmental sustainability

      Socially Engaged Buddhism Resources -- from the
      Buddhist Peace Fellowship and Dharmanet.

      BuddhaNet -- Comprehensive international information
      and referral site.

      Links Pitaka -- Another thorough international
      information and referral site, with excellent listings
      for sexual minority Buddhists.

      Village Zendo/White Plum AIDS Network -- New York City
      based Zen Buddhist AIDS Information and Care Center.

      Access to Insight -- Excellent collection of Theravada
      Buddhist Teachings.

      Sangha Metta Project, Thailand -- HIV/AIDS Prevention
      and Education for Thailand, Burma and Southeast Asia.

      "Everyday Mind" -- A Buddhist teaching each day from
      one of many fine Buddhist teachers around the world.

      Zen Centers of the World -- National and International
      Directory of Zen Centers.

      For Tibet -- Excellent listing of resources for the
      study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and supporting
      Tibetan political freedom.

      Updated: BAP "Links" Category: "Buddhist Hospice
      Services -- SF Bay Area, National and International"

      Updates and New Listings for:

      Zen Hospice Project -- San
      Maitri Residential Care -- San Francisco
      NEW: Kusinara -- New Mexico/U.S./ International
      Rigpa Fellowship -- Spiritual Care, Education and
      Training Program -- San Francisco/U.S./International
      Upaya -- Project on Being with Dying -- New
      National Prison Hospice Association -- U.S.
      Amitabha Hospice Service -- New Zealand/International
      Amitabha Buddhist Center -- Singapore
      Karuna Hospice -- Australia
      Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation --Taiwan
      The Buddhist Hospice Trust -- Great Britain

      NEW: In "Resources", all of the above, plus:

      Issan House and the Maitri Center: Housing and Health
      Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS -- NYC


      NEW and Updated: In "Resources" : -- " Buddhist
      Service Organizations and Buddhist Internet
      Directories," and

      NEW and Updated: In "Links": -- "Activism":
      Angulimala -- Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy/ Forest
      Sangha/ U.K.
      Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement -- U.S.
      Faithful Fools -- U.S.
      Greystone Foundation -- NYC
      Human Kindness Foundation -- U.S./International
      Karuna Trust -- India
      Kusinara -- New Mexico/ U.S./ International
      Metta Dana Foundation -- Burma/U.S.
      Prison Dharma Network -- U.S./International
      Sarvodaya -- Sri Lanka/ U.S.
      SEVA Foundation -- U.S./ International
      Tara Mandala -- New Mexico
      Thamkrabok Foundation -- Thailand
      Think Sangha -- U.S./International
      Tzu Chi Foundation -- Taiwan/ U.S.
      United Kingdom Network of Engaged Buddhists
      Women Active in Buddhism -- U.S./International
      Zen Mountain Monastery Prison Project -- New York

      NEW in the BAP "Bookstore" and Recommended Reading:
      "The Four Noble Truths," Venerable Ajahn Sumedho,
      (Amaravati Publications, 1992). Very clear
      introduction and in-depth investigation of the
      Buddha's central teaching.

      FREE distribution from:

      Amaravati Publications, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery,
      Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HPI
      3BZ, England

      Also, "New Books Noted" in the "Bookstore":

      "Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your
      Life," Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell

      "Being Dharma: The Essence of Buddha's Teaching,"
      Ajahn Chah

      "Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness," by Henepola

      "To Shine One Corner of the World," by Shunryu Suzuki

      "The Beginner's Guide to Insight Meditation," by
      Arinna Weisman and Jean Smith

      "Wake Up to Your Life: Discovering the Buddhist Path
      of Attention," by Ken McLeod --(Reviewed in

      "Dzogchen: The Heart Essence of the Great Perfection,"
      by the Dalai Lama

      "Going on Being," by Mark Epstein

      "Buddhism with An Attitude: 7-Point Mind Training" by
      B.Alan Wallace and Lynn Quirolo

      "The Grace in Dying," by Kathleen Dowling Singh

      "Spiritual Maturity," by Joseph Sharp

      Thanks to volunteers and community worldwide.

      We much appreciate your feedback and contributions.


      Steve Peskind
      Buddhist AIDS Project
      E-mail: buddhistap@...
      24 Hour Voicemail: (415)522-7473

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