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Buddhist AIDS Project News -- World AIDS Day, December 1, 2001

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  • Steve Peskind
    December 1, 2001 Dear Friends, Best wishes to all from the Buddhist AIDS Project on World AIDS Day, 2001. The Buddhist AIDS Project (BAP), based in San
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      December 1, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      Best wishes to all from the Buddhist AIDS Project on
      World AIDS Day, 2001.

      The Buddhist AIDS Project (BAP), based in San
      Francisco, California, provides free information and
      referral to:

      * Current HIV/AIDS news, with links to local,
      national, and international resources;
      * Buddhist teachings, practice centers, and special
      * Complementary Alternative Medicine services.

      An all-volunteer, non-profit Affiliate of the Buddhist
      Peace Fellowship (BPF), BAP serves anyone living with
      HIV/AIDS, including family, friends, caregivers and
      people who are HIV negative.

      We welcome your input and feedback on resources and
      events pertinet to this site and our work.

      The following is BAP Site News,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org for December 1,

      HIV/AIDS News,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/news.html :

      o Facts on HIV Prevention; Update: "HIV transmission
      and oral sex"; New finding on preventing HIV drug
      resistance; "New HIV Drugs: Extensive List, Additional
      Information," from AIDS Treatment News; Bastyr
      University's new book on "AIDS and Complementary
      Alternative Therapy"; and more.

      o Extensive reporting on "HIV/AIDS/Asia" --
      China, Burma , Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia
      --including extensive coverage of China's first ever
      International HIV/AIDS Conference; and more.

      o Among selected features:

      "World AIDS Day 2001" coverage from international
      media sources, including international website links.

      Worldwide Update:
      " HIV 'Explosion' Seen in East Europe and Central
      Asia," Lawrence K. Altman, NY Times, 11.29.01

      " 20 Years after discovery of AIDS, 60 million dead or
      infected," Agence France-Presse, 11.28.01

      "A Catch-22 on Drugs for the World's Poor," Celia W.
      Dugger, NY Times, 11.16.01

      "UN-AIDS-MSF(Doctors Without Borders)Call for
      worldwide adoption of anti-AIDS drugs," Agence
      France-Presse, 11.28.01

      "September 11: What Happens Now?", John S. James, AIDS
      Treatment News, No. 371, 9.21.01

      "AIDS: the crisis left behind -- Donations have
      plummeted, relief efforts are disorganized, and the
      scourge runs unchecked throughout much of Africa,"
      John Donnelly, Boston Globe, 11.08.01

      "The Agent is Different, but the Anxiety is
      Essentially the Same: Anthrax as AIDS," Richard
      Goldstein, The Village Voice, 10.24-30.01

      "Anthrax-Fighting Drugs a Threat," Jeff Doran,
      Associated Press/Newsday, 11.01.01


      "Buddhist Monks Play a Leading Role in the Prevention
      of HIV/AIDS in Asia," Associated Press, 10.07.01


      Buddhist News:

      o December retreats, workshops, classes,talks,
      and ongoing sitting groups at San Francisco Zen
      Center, Green Gulch Farm, Spirit Rock Meditation
      Center, Vajrayana Foundation, and other SF Bay Area
      Buddhist centers;
      Contact information for the Village Zendo/White Plum
      AIDS Network, NYC; Contact information for Northwest
      Dharma Association.

      o Some Useful Buddhist Links,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/news.html , to
      visit regularly -- Direct links on "News" page:

      Buddhist Peace Fellowship -- For over two decades, the
      Buddhist Peace Fellowship has been in the forefront of
      socially engaged Buddhism. Through their projects and
      publications, they strive to apply Buddhist principles
      to such issues as
      � human rights
      � systemic violence
      � economic justice
      � environmental sustainability

      Socially Engaged Buddhism Resources -- from the
      Buddhist Peace Fellowship and Dharmanet.

      BuddhaNet -- Comprehensive international information
      and referral site.

      Links Pitaka -- Another thorough international
      information and referral site, with excellent listings
      for sexual minority Buddhists.

      Village Zendo/White Plum AIDS Network -- New York City
      based Zen Buddhist AIDS Information and Care Center.

      Sangha Metta Project, Thailand -- HIV/AIDS Prevention
      and Education for Thailand, Burma and Southeast Asia.

      "Everyday Mind" -- A Buddhist teaching each day from
      one of many fine Buddhist teachers around the world.

      Zen Centers of the World -- National and International
      Directory of Zen Centers.

      For Tibet -- Excellent link site for Tibetan Buddhist
      study and practice.

      o NEW: BAP "Links" Category,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/links.html :
      "Buddhist Hospice Services -- San Francisco Bay Area,
      National and International"
      Updates and New Listings for:

      Zen Hospice Project -- San

      Maitri Residential Care -- San Francisco

      Kusinara -- New Mexico/U.S/International

      Rigpa Fellowship -- Spiritual Care, Education and
      Training Program -- San Francisco/U.S./International

      Upaya -- Project on Being with Dying -- New

      National Prison Hospice Association -- U.S.

      Amitabha Hospice Service -- New Zealand/International

      Amitabha Buddhist Center -- Singapore

      Karuna Hospice -- Australia

      Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation --Taiwan

      The Buddhist Hospice Trust -- Great Britain

      o NEW: In "Resources"
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/resources.html ,
      all of the above, plus:

      Issan House and the Maitri Center: Housing and Health
      Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS -- New York City

      o NEW and Updated: In "Resources" : "Buddhist Service
      Organizations and Buddhist Internet Directories" and

      NEW and Updated: In "Links": "Activism" --

      Angulimala -- Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy/ Forest
      Sangha/ U.K.

      Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement -- U.S.

      Faithful Fools -- U.S.

      Greystone Foundation -- NYC

      Human Kindness Foundation -- U.S./International

      Karuna Trust -- India

      Kusinara -- New Mexico/U.S./International

      Metta Dana Foundation -- Burma/U.S.

      Prison Dharma Network -- U.S./International

      Sarvodaya -- Sri Lanka/ U.S.

      SEVA Foundation -- U.S./International

      Tara Mandala -- New Mexico

      Thamkrabok Foundation -- Thailand

      Think Sangha -- U.S./International

      Tzu Chi Foundation -- Taiwan/ U.S.

      United Kingdom Network of Engaged Buddhists

      Women Active in Buddhism -- U.S./International

      Zen Mountain Monastery Prison Project -- New York

      o NEW -- On the "News" and "Bookstore" pages,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/bookstore.html :
      "New and Noteworthy Books"

      On the "News" page --

      Author's Book Review: "Spiritual Maturity: Stories and
      Reflections for the Ongoing Journey of the Spirit," by
      Joseph Sharp

      o NEW -- In "Events,"
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/events.html ,

      "World AIDS Day around the world," December, 2001

      Zen Hospice Project, San Francisco, announces new "End
      of Life Counselor Training Program"

      5th International Conference on Home and Community
      Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS, in Chiang Mai,
      Thailand, December, 2001

      Thanks to volunteers and community worldwide.

      We much appreciate your feedback and contributions.


      Steve Peskind
      Buddhist AIDS Project
      E-mail: buddhistap@...
      24 Hour Voicemail: (415)522-7473

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