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Buddhist AIDS Project News -- August, 2001

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  • Steve Peskind
    August 15, 2001 Dear Friends, The Buddhist AIDS Project (BAP), based in San Francisco, California, provides free information and referral to: * Current
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      August 15, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      The Buddhist AIDS Project (BAP), based in San
      Francisco, California, provides free information and
      referral to:

      * Current HIV/AIDS news, with links to local,
      national, and international resources;
      * Buddhist teachings, practice centers, and special
      * Complementary Alternative Medicine services.

      An all-volunteer, non-profit Affiliate of the Buddhist
      Peace Fellowship (BPF), BAP serves anyone living with
      HIV/AIDS, including family, friends, caregivers and
      people who are HIV negative.

      The monthly "BAP News" e-mail update reaches over
      3,000 people and organizations each month. An average
      of 75+ people visit the site each day -- to date, from
      55 countries. As the BAP website has become more
      national and international in the past year, YOUR
      contribution as always is important and welcome.
      Please e-mail or send us HIV/AIDS, Buddhist, or
      Complementary Medicine news, events, and resources
      pertinent to this site.

      June 5, 2001, marked the 20th anniversary of the first
      public health reporting of the phenomena we now know
      as "HIV/AIDS". Combined with coverage of the first
      United Nations Special Session on AIDS, June, 2001,
      saw the most extensive reporting on the global health
      crisis in recent memory. For extensive coverage,
      please visit
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org/June2001.html .

      The following is BAP Site News,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org , for August 15,

      HIV/AIDS News:

      o Coverage of the latest news on Post-Exposure HIV
      Treatment; An emerging new strain of HIV; Hepatitis C
      Epidemic; Condom efficacy and abstinence debate in HIV
      prevention; The Surgeon General wants us to talk about
      sex; A physician corrects his statement on Strategic
      Treatment Interruption; Gender bias in HIV/AIDS
      research; HIV/AIDS in older Americans; Time to help
      blacks; and much more.

      o Extensive reporting on "HIV/AIDS/Asia", including
      China, Central Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam,
      Myanmar, Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

      o Among selected features:

      " A Second Chance to Prevent AIDS: An Anti-HIV Drug
      Regimen, Taken After Exposure, Shows Promise. But Who
      Will Receive It?", Jane E. Allen, Los Angeles Times,

      " New HIV 'Superbug' Emerges in Vancouver", Vancouver
      Sun, 8.9.01

      " Prevention: A Closer Look at Needle Exchanges", Eric
      Nagourney, The New York Times, 8.7.01

      " Gender Bias in AIDS Studies; Researchers Say More
      Women Subjects Needed", Mary Jo Feldstein, Chicago
      Tribune, 8.1.01

      " The Next HIV?", Rob Wherry, Forbes, 8.20.01

      " Pot Study in Spotlight: San Mateo County's Clinical
      Trial is First in U.S.", Bill Workman, San Francisco
      Chronicle, 7.25.01

      " HIV/AIDS Toll Could Hit 200 Million", Michael Smith,
      UPI, 7.10.01

      " Recycle Your Medications," Bulletin of Experimental
      Treatments and AIDS (BETA), Summer, 2001

      Buddhist News:

      o August/September retreats, workshops, classes,talks,
      and ongoing sitting groups at San Francisco Zen
      Center, Green Gulch Farm, Spirit Rock Meditation
      Center, Vajrayana Foundation, Zen Hospice Project and
      other SF Bay Area Buddhist centers;
      Contact information for the Village Zendo/White Plum
      AIDS Network, NYC; Contact information for Northwest
      Dharma Association.

      o Some Useful Buddhist Links to visit regularly
      (Direct links on "News" page):

      BuddhaNet -- Comprehensive international information
      and referral site.

      Links Pitaka -- Another thorough international
      information and referral site, with excellent listings
      for sexual minority Buddhists.

      Village Zendo/White Plum AIDS Network -- New York City
      based Zen Buddhist AIDS Information and Care Center.

      Access to Insight -- Excellent collection of Theravada
      Buddhist Teachings.

      Sangha Metta Project, Thailand -- HIV/AIDS Prevention
      and Education for Thailand, Burma and Southeast Asia

      "Everyday Mind" -- A Buddhist teaching each day from
      one of many fine Buddhist teachers around the world.

      o NEW: BAP "Links" Category: "Buddhist Hospice
      Services -- SF Bay Area, National and International"
      Updates and New Listings for:

      Zen Hospice Project -- San Francisco/International

      Maitri Residential Care -- San Francisco

      Rigpa Fellowship -- Spiritual Care, Education and
      Training Program -- San Francisco/International

      Upaya -- Project on Being with Dying -- New

      Amitabha Hospice Service -- New Zealand/International

      Amitabha Buddhist Center -- Singapore

      Karuna Hospice -- Australia

      Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation --Taiwan

      The Buddhist Hospice Trust -- Great Britain

      NEW: In "Resources", all of the above, plus:

      Issan House and the Maitri Center: Housing and Health
      Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS -- New York City

      o New in "Library" -- "Buddhism and HIV/AIDS":

      "A Buddhist View of Life, Death, and Rebirth", from
      Amitabha Hospice Service

      "Heart Advice on Helping the Dying", Sogyal Rinpoche,
      from "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying"

      "Responding to the Needs of the Dying", from Amitabha
      Hospice Service

      "Preparing for Death and Helping the Dying", Sangye
      Khandro notes at Amitabha Hospice Service

      "On Lending Our Bodies", Frank Ostaseski, Tricycle
      Magazine, Summer, 2001

      o On the "Bookstore" page: "New and Noteworthy Books"

      o "Path of Compassion," Summer Retreat with Khandro
      Rinpoche at Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center in
      Colorado. Fluent in English, she is one of the great
      young Tibetan Buddhist Teachers.

      o Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh's 2001 United
      States Teaching and Lecture Schedule now-in-progress.

      o Zen Hospice Project, San Francisco, announces new
      "End of Life Counselor" Training Program.

      Thanks to volunteers and community worldwide.

      We much appreciate your feedback and contributions.

      Best wishes,

      Steve Peskind
      Buddhist AIDS Project
      E-mail: buddhistap@...
      24 Hour Voicemail: (415)522-7473

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