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Gandhabba As Re-linking Consciousness: Three Events Coincide

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  • abhidhammika@yahoo.com
    Dear Engaged Buddhist Friends The following message (dhamma-list message 22247) is my reply to John R Overman s message (dhamma-list message 22241). The
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2001
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      Dear Engaged Buddhist Friends

      The following message (dhamma-list message 22247) is my reply
      to John R Overman's message (dhamma-list message 22241). The subject
      is a serious one. I thought you might find it useful, so I post it

      Hope you enjoy it.



      Dear John R Overman

      How are you?

      The Buddha's explanation is already complete and transparant. But, I
      think you would like further comment on the translator's explanation
      "gandhabba is not some disembodied spirit". By the way, this wasn't
      actual wording in the MN commentary Pali. The commentary is merely
      commenting on the expression "paccupatthito hoti" found in section
      408 of Mulapannasa, Majjimanikaya original.

      The expression "Paccupatthito hoti" can mean "is standing in front"
      literally. But, this meaning does not apply to the re-linking
      consciousness (patisandhi cittam)of the dead one. So the commentator
      was forced to say the following.

      " Paccupatthito hotiti na matapitunam sannipatam olokayamano
      sammipethito paccupatthito nama hoti."

      "Is standing in front" wasn't like "standing close-by (sammipethito)
      while watching father and mother copulating".

      Now, the above Pali comment became "gandhabba is not some disembodied
      spirit" in the hands of the translator, I think.

      In Pali Buddhism, the re-linking consciousness follows immediately
      after the dying consciousness (cuti cittam). So when father and
      mother are copulating while mother is ovulating, someone dies and his
      re-linking consciounsess has a chance to conceive. All three events
      coincide. That is all there is to it. The right timing is made
      possible by the past actions of the father, mother and the embryo
      (gandhabba now with body).

      Re-linking consciousness is called "gandhabbo" in ordinary language.

      I hope my message makes sense to you and all other dhamma friends.

      With regards

      Suan Lu zaw


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      > In MN38, Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation, the last sentence of
      paragraph 26,
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