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  • Steve Peskind
    July 22, 2001 Dear Friends, Thank you for the welcome to the INEB listserv. I have been a student of the Buddhadharma since 1973, principally in the Soto Zen
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 22, 2001
      July 22, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      Thank you for the welcome to the INEB listserv.
      I have been a student of the Buddhadharma since 1973,
      principally in the Soto Zen and the Kagyu and Nyingma
      Vajrayana lineages. I look forward to the gifts of
      this group.

      For the past twenty years I have also worked as a
      public health educator and hospice counselor with a
      wide variety of "teachers", many of them people living
      and dying with AIDS. I currently manage the Buddhist
      AIDS Project(BAP) website,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org , and invite your
      suggestions of resources, online articles, and events
      for that effort. The latest monthly "BAP E-mail
      Update" is included below.

      Best wishes to all,

      Steve Peskind

      July 11, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      The Buddhist AIDS Project (BAP), based in San
      Francisco, California, provides free information and
      referral to:

      * Current HIV/AIDS news, with links to local,
      national, and international resources;
      * Buddhist teachings, practice centers, and special
      * Complementary Alternative Medicine services.

      An all-volunteer, non-profit Affiliate of the Buddhist
      Peace Fellowship (BPF), BAP serves anyone living with
      HIV/AIDS, including family, friends, caregivers and
      people who are HIV negative.

      June 5, 2001, marked the 20th anniversary of the first
      public health reporting of the phenomena we now know
      as "HIV/AIDS". Combined with coverage of the first
      United Nations Special Session on AIDS last month,
      June, 2001, saw the most extensive reporting on the
      global health crisis in recent memory.

      Featured on the "BAP News Page" are retrospective news
      pieces on the past twenty years, as well as forecasts
      for this year and the next decade, including in-depth
      coverage by the New York Times and by prize-winning
      reporter Laurie Garrett of Newsday.

      The following is BAP Site News,
      http://www.buddhistaidsproject.org, for July 11,2001:

      HIV/AIDS News:

      o "AIDS at 20": Coverage from the The New York Times,
      Newsday, Centers for Disease Control, Newsweek, PBS,
      San Francisco Chronicle, Salon; and more.

      o Worldwide coverage of the UN Special Session on
      AIDS, the controversies which ensued, and
      the UN's Declaration.

      o Extensive reporting on "HIV/AIDS/Asia" including
      the crises in China and Myanmar; reporting from
      Thailand, Laos, Japan, and India

      o Among selected features:

      "A Previously Healthy 33-Year-Old Man: The Five
      Original Case Studies, June 5, 1981," The New York
      Times, June 5, 2001

      " An Evolving Epidemic: Scientists Fear AIDS Future,"
      Laurie Garrett, Newsday, May 31

      " In the Shadow of AIDS, A World of Other Problems,"
      Stephanie Flanders, The New York Times, June 24

      " AIDS and George Bush," Stephen Morin, San Francisco
      Chronicle, May 28

      "Taking a Hard Look at Discrimination and Stereotypes
      in Medicine," Sandeep Jauhar, M.D., The New York
      Times, June 19

      " Women in Hard Hit Areas Afraid to Say No to Unsafe
      Sex, Experts Say," Mike Corder, Associated Press,
      June 20

      " Abstinence-Only Sex Education Robs Kids of
      Information on Prevention," Catherine A. Hanssen,
      Atlanta Constitution, June 13

      " Preventing Sexual Risk Behavior Among Gay, Lesbian,
      and Bisexual Adolescents: The Benefits of
      Gay-Sensitive HIV Instruction in Schools," American
      Journal of Public Health, June, 2001

      " U.C.S.F. Study of Marginally Housed Shows AIDS Meds
      Work," Cynthia Laird, Bay Area Reporter, June 15

      " Australia Looks to Cheaper AIDS Drugs for Asia,"
      Reuters, June 29

      " Recycle Your Medications," Bulletin of Experimental
      Treatments and AIDS (BETA), Summer, 2001

      " Code Would Protect Employees with HIV," Barbara
      Crossette, The New York Times, June 22

      Buddhist News:

      o Links to July and August retreats, workshops,
      classes, talks and ongoing sitting groups at San
      Francisco Zen Center, Green Gulch Farm, Spirit Rock
      Meditation Center, Vajrayana Foundation, Zen Hospice
      Project and other SF Bay Area Buddhist centers;
      Contact information for the Village Zendo/White Plum
      AIDS Network, NYC; Contact information for Northwest
      Dharma Association.

      o Book recommendation: "The Four Noble Truths," by
      Ajahn Sumedho

      o "Path of Compassion," Summer Retreat with Khandro
      Rinpoche at Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center in
      Colorado. Fluent in English, she is one of the great
      young Tibetan Buddhist Teachers.

      o Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh's 2001 United
      States Teaching and Lecture Schedule

      o Zen Hospice Project, San Francisco, announces new
      "End of Life Counselor" Training Program.

      Thanks to volunteers and community worldwide.

      We much appreciate your feedback and contributions.

      Best wishes,

      Steve Peskind
      Buddhist AIDS Project
      E-mail: buddhistap@...
      24 Hour Voicemail: (415)522-7473

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