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"global economy is healthy"

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  • Santikaro Bhikkhu
    But reflecting the comments of I.M.F. officials, Mr. Summers added, I share the overall judgment of the I.M.F. that the global economy is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2000
      <<< JAROEN PORN >>>
      But reflecting the comments of I.M.F. officials, Mr. Summers added, "I share the overall judgment of the I.M.F. that the global economy is healthy and in many ways healthier than it has been in some number of years."  [from NY Times, Sept. 21, 2000]
      This means that the USA econmy, along w/ those of its major allies, are doing fine. They ignore Siam & much of the rest of the world, as usual. Recent Economist article claims that high oil prices hurt countries like Siam much more (almost -3% of GDP change in trade balance) than the rich ones (less than -1% of GDP change in trade balance).

          Myopia continues within the structures of greed & selfishness.

          It's been an interesting 2 weeks at Wat Pah Sugato. I was
      off-line for 12 days, then sent some stuff yesterday. Heading
      down to Bangkok on Thursday, so will be on-line regularly
      over this weekend. Off again for the week b/w Sept. 25th
      & Oct 2nd.

          The nailed foot is fully healed & the bowels are moving pretty
      good. No worries there. Termites keep coming & going, doing
      no damage that I can see. The main things is trying not to step
      on them. Sweeping them one way or the other doesn't do any

          A new visitor is a big forest rat. Nice, fat friendly fellow (or
      sister, I'm not good at sexing rats). He climbs in thru the roof
      at night, down a wall beam, across some shelves, then down to
      the floor. Comes at different times, usually pretty noisy. Some
      times I'm meditating, some times s/he wakes me up. Flashlight
      doesn't scare her, nor do my friendly greetings & stares. Tail is
      over a foot long & soft to the touch, which doesn't seem to
      bother him. We've watched each other for many minutes, then
      I go back to the breathing, either sitting or falling asleep.

          Had a couple very heavy rains in the past 2 weeks. Not a big
      problem for the Wat, but news is that all parts of Siam have had
      bad flooding, higher & longer than usual. Crops were washed
      out, so food prices will go up; that's on top of rising fuel costs.
      The weak economy is far from getting better for ordinary folks.

          Fuel prices are going up which pushes up the prices of almost
      everything. Farmers are being doubly hit by losing their crops to
      flooding & now having fertilizer & other inputs get more expensive.
      The gov't makes noises about "solving the problem" but we can't
      expect them to help like they did when their wealthy chums got in
      trouble a few years ago.

          The Vassa is winding down. Travels will start up again
      immediately after, but the plans are saner than in the past.
      Upcoming trips to UK & USA leave plenty of time for rest &
      practice. I've been slowly learning the hard way.

          During & after the Enneagram group's visit I had a lot of time
      to myself, including some silence & fasting. Was fun & refreshing!
      Also tracked down a few more of the murky corners of this ego
      structure. Currently giving some talks to the community here on
      Dependent Co-origination.

          May all beings be well.

                               Be cool ;-)

          ** Dhamma  **  Metta  **  Santi **

                         Santikaro Bhikkhu

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