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Re: [ineb] Help please!

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  • Tarabini Eugenio
    Dear Gakkaibuddha, I am a Buddhist priest, but not affiliated in any way with your group nor your previously affiliated school of Nichiren Shoshu. However,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2000
      Dear Gakkaibuddha,

      I am a Buddhist priest, but not affiliated in any way with your group nor
      your previously affiliated school of Nichiren Shoshu. However, after seeing

      your email message, I decided to read all the information that the
      congressman put on the web. Even though it is very extensive, it doesn't
      look so out of line to me. I don't think he is a persecution from the
      powerful 3 devils as you have stated. The US congressman Rep. Dan Burton
      has not called for an act upon Soka Gakkai people, he has called on the US
      government to respect and enforce its own laws.

      Having personally experienced daily harassment from the Soka Gakkai for a
      period of a few years, and having witnessed the harassment tactics used on
      any person who either left or oppossed the Soka Gakkai, if I might offer a
      small suggestion, I feel it may possibly be more wise to deeply reflect on
      the Gakkai's and your own personal actions and attitudes. If I may also
      suggest that instead of rousing people to fight, you might possibly
      consider that this congressman's actions are the effects of your
      organization's own causes and better yet, reflect on how you yourself can
      turn your own life around, become trully Buddhist and work to eliminate
      suffering from the world with the same profound compassion as the Buddha.
      What our world today needs the least is to have more people waging war in
      the name of what one may think is his/her religious righteousness, and
      furthermore, it is extremely unBuddhist.

      Your group has been waging a mutual war with what was once your own Head
      Temple in Japan for ten long years and it still continues today. Your group

      now has great political power in Japan, and due to the Soka Gakkai's own
      past tract record over the past 50-60 years, the general populace in this
      country are honestly terrified that your organization will in the not so
      distant future force its own ways and values on the entire country against
      their will, much in the same as your group has waged a brutal war on your
      own temple because you didn't see eye to eye. I repeat, people here in
      Japan are -genuinely- terrified of your organization. Maybe it is time to
      open your heart, put down your anger, forgive and learn to live a real
      Buddhist life. Waging war is only the working of the rage of a devil.
      Please don't let the hell of this devil overcome you any longer. May peace

      finally come into your heart and may your life awaken to reflect the beauty

      that is the endless compassion and great joy of the Buddha, just as the
      splendid lotus blooms out of muddy water.

      With my hands folded in profound respect towards the Buddha nature that
      exists deep within your own life-
      Shoryo Tarabini

      gakkaibuddha@... wrote:

      > The US congress, spearheaded by Indiana congressman Burton, has
      > unfairly attacked SGI in a report on the internet:
      > http://www.house.gov/reform/hearings/07.27.00/felonies_and_favors.htm
      > The report blames the SGI for what are essentially problems within
      > the US legal system. This latest persecution by the 3 powerful
      > enemies must not remain unrefuted. These devils must be stopped!
      > President Ikeda says,
      > When you are struck, strike back!
      > Resolutely refute your attackers!
      > The Soka Gakkai has established
      > Its tradition of victory
      > By taking the counteroffensive!
      > To My Friends - June 22, 2000
      > Please stand up and be heard! Send protests to:
      > Congressman Dan Burton
      > 2185 Rayburn HOB
      > Washington, DC 20515
      > 202-225-2276
      > FAX: 202-225-0016
      > International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)
      > E-mail: ineb@...
      > INEB Website: www.bpf.org/ineb.html
      > INEB e-mail list: www.egroups.com/group/ineb/
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