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473INEB Program to Support Female Dhamma Masters

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  • INEB office
    Jan 16, 2007
      Please support Bhikkhunis, Samaneris, Dhammacarinis
      and Ubasika Dhamma Teachers from poor countries to attend
      INEB International Seminar and Exposure Visit
      “The Strengthening of Female Spiritual Leadership”
      July 1-5, 2007, in TAIWAN
      Every where we find women who seriously follow the spiritual teachings and become spiritual leaders. The female spiritual leaders play important role in stabilizing peace and morality in the society. They can help people to get through the negative emotion and experiences, and to live peaceful and moral lives. They can spread the teachings of universal love, peace and righteousness to maintain social order.
      By enhancing their education and exposing them to various experiences, they will be able to play such role and to support one another as a network for the benefit of themselves, societies, and the world.
      The seminar aims to improve the capacity of female spiritual leaders in South and Southeast Asian countries by learning from the Taiwanese experiences about Bhikkhunis’ education, social engagement and creation of Bhikkhuni order, to exchange their experiences of playing the social roles, and to strengthen the international connection among female spiritual leaders. 
                  INEB feels the need to rely on donation from our own Buddhist communities worldwide, instead of writing project proposal. The fund is needed to sponsor the travelling expenses for 20 ordained and lay female dhamma teachers from poor countries, e.g. Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, etc. The donation is the action to express your support to Buddhist women who are socially engaged as dhamma teachers and to the ordination of women. For more information, please contact INEB Secretariat Office at <ineboffice@...>
                  You can support by mailing your check payable in US$ to “Sulak Sivaraksa” to INEB (The Female Dhamma Masters Program) 666 Charoen Nakorn Road, Klong San, Bangkok 10600 THAILAND.
                                            Thank you

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