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430500 Book Picks -- from Anarchism to Zen

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  • Bureau of Public Secrets
    Oct 3, 2004
      Just published at the BPS website:

      Recommended Readings from Literature to Revolution

      "Reading is the only remaining gateway to the vast
      realms of pre-spectacle experience." (Guy Debord)

      Out of his wide-ranging reading over the last five decades, Ken Knabb has
      picked the books that he recommends most enthusiastically -- in classic and
      modern literature, religion and philosophy (including a large selection re
      Buddhism and Zen), science and psychology, humor and comics, history and

      Over 500 books are listed, each followed with brief remarks on why you might
      want to read it, which translations are most reliable, other works by or
      about the same author, etc.

      There are also several appendixes featuring children's books, "desert
      island" books, other lists of great books, and excerpts from some of the
      works recommended.

      Knabb's list should have something of interest for readers of all levels and
      tastes, but it will probably be most useful to the many people in this
      increasingly illiterate age who have read few or none of these works --
      helping them to start exploring the "vast realms" for themselves.

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