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257Buddhist Enironmental Network

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  • Buddhist Environmental Network
    May 1, 2002
      This month (May 2002) sees the launch of the Buddhist Enironmental Network (BEN).
      We need subscribers (it's free!) and also volunteers. 
      If you simply want to be kept informed of progress and our campaigns, please reply, inserting the word "News" in the subject field.
      We aim to be an active, fully engaged network and are keen to recruit volunteers to help in BEN's development or to be more actively involved in campaigning work.  If you think you could help then please reply to this email substituting the word "Help" in the subject field.  (You will also automatically receive our update and campaign mailings.)
      In addition to working through email, we hope to set up local groups where members can meet and network on environmental issues. 
      Below you will find more information in the form of BEN's Mission Statement
      The Buddhist Environmental Network (B-E-N) works with Buddhists from all traditions to create environmental solutions that are rooted deeply within the Buddhist Precepts and the acknowledgement of the interdependence of all life. Through public education, publications, practice groups and outreach, B-E-N seeks to link Buddhist teachings of compassion, wisdom, tolerance and non-violence with efforts and campaigns to create a sustainable environment together with a culture of reduced consumption and waste, serving as a catalyst for socially engaged Buddhism."
      With apologies for any cross-postings.

      David Meanwell - BEN