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245Invitation to join "Dhamma Times" E-Newsletter

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  • Chen Hsiongcai
    Jan 7, 2002

      Dear Friends in Dhamma,

      The Dhamma Times Newsletter is a non-profit Dhamma sharing project brought to you by Panna Youth Centre's Cyber Ministry, our wish is to bring the latest buddhist news to your mailbox effectively through the internet highway as that the flow of awareness of Buddhist happenings all around the world will be at your hands.

      The Dhamma Times Editorial Group would like to take this chance to invite fellow Venerables, Buddhist Organisations, Fellow Dhamma friends to subscribe to our Dhamma Times Newsletter as to recieve the latest Buddhist News at your mailbox.

      To subscribe, simply send an email to

      May the Buddha-Dhamma spread far and wide !

      Yours in Dhamma,
      Dhamma Times Editor

      " See the Truth & you will see Me"


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