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119[ineb] democracy made obligatory

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  • Santikaro Bhikkhu
    Mar 2, 2000
      Guess what happens when democracy is made obligatory ...

      To vote or not: a tough choice for bar girls

      (by Mongkol Bangprapa)

      Bar girls in Patpong would have
      to choose what to endure, the
      wrath of the law or the rage of
      their bosses, in deciding whether
      to vote for the Senate.

      If they went home to vote this
      Saturday, their employers would
      be very angry and cut their wages.
      But if they decided to stay put,
      their political rights would be
      stripped by the law.

      Aim, 35, who had quit the entertainment service and now works for the
      women's right group Empower, said to vote or not to vote had become a
      matter of life and death for many bar girls.

      It has already been hard for the women to return home in the provinces,

      no matter how much they missed their children, because the bar owners
      would not let them and because their purses were often empty, Aim said.

      The law forces them to vote, but gives them neither travel expenses nor

      compensation for wage cuts.

      "Some even said they wanted to kill themselves to escape the dilemma,"
      Aim said. "And I guarantee you this is not a joke." Aim said many bar
      girls questioned why the Election Commission did not make it easier by
      allowing them to vote in Bangkok. Voters have to cast ballots in the
      constituencies of residence registration.

      Aim said the bar owners, knowing they would be short of staff during
      long holidays, would double the wage cut from 500 baht on weekdays
      and 1,000 baht on weekends. Several bars had already warned those
      who failed to show up for work on March 4 would lose 1,500-2,000

      Bar girls said bar rules were superior to the law. "State law could
      as far as the front door of the bar but could not get in. Bar rules are
      rules, the supreme rules," they said.

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