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17Submission Deadlines

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  • ccdc20
    Mar 28, 2010
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      Please be reminded of the the following:

      -Deadline for submission of the summary of the test manual assigned to you is on April 7, 2010 during class hours only.
      (Again, using the questions on the "Critiquing a Psychological Test", answer each question using the test manual assigned to you/your group.

      - Deadline for your personality profile, using the format "Psychological Evaluation" is on April 19, 2010 during class hours only.

      - CLPA will be closed from April 7-10, 2010, therefore, there will be no testing activity on the abovementioned dates, Hence, you are to conduct your scoring and interpretation before or after these dates.

      - You only have until April 12, 2010 to do all your testing activity (make-up tests, scoring, interpretation) on or before that date.

      - Deadline is deadline so all late papers will not be accepted.

      - all test taken has an equivalent score of 40 points. If you missed one test on a particular day, that is minus 5. So if you missed 3 tests, (regardless whether you already have taken the test at the CLPA) that's 25/40.

      - Interpretation/psychological evaluation will be discussed thoroughly on Wednesday, March 31, 2010, everybody must attend the class next meeting.

      - My observations on your test administration will be discussed on wednesday.

      Thank you.