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Marine Science & Tech. Training

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  • Kustiariyah Tarman
    Bapak/Ibu Ysh. FYI ... From: Hawis Madduppa Subject: To: Hawis Madduppa Date: Friday, January 18, 2013, 5:10 AM Dear
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    Bapak/Ibu Ysh.


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    From: Hawis Madduppa <madduppa@...>
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    Date: Friday, January 18, 2013, 5:10 AM

    Dear colleagues and students and all,
    Enclosed you will find the first announcement for the Marine Science and Technology Training Course 2013.
    In contrast to previous years we will focus on a specific "hot topic" in marine science: Marine Connectivity
    During the course, the participants will learn about the oceanographic, biological and ecological background in lectures and practicals and discuss implications, 
    e.g for research and mitigation strategies and marine resources.
    Duration: March – May 2013 (start March 13th)
    Deadline for registration: 15 February 2013
    Minimum requirement:  bachelor/S1 student in the last year, sufficient knowledge in English

    Registration fee: 1.300.000 (undergraduate), 1.800.000 - 2.6000 (graduate/junior lecturer/researcher)
    If you are interested to join as participant, please contact us by email and enlist for further information and the registration form.
    Please also find the announcement and leaflet here:
    If you are a MST lecturer or supporter, we will get in contact with you separately about module details and oncoming procedures.
    Please forward the info to your colleagues, fellow students and anyone who might be interested.

    Best regards,

    Hawis Madduppa


    Dr. Hawis H. Madduppa
    Marine Biodiversity and Biosystematics Lab
    Department of Marine Science and Technology

    Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science
    Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
    Jl. Agatis No.1 Bogor 16680
    Fax/Phone:+62 251 8623 644
    mobile: 081294926007
    Official email: hawis@...
    website: http://hawis.staff.ipb.ac.id/

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