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Bls: [indonesian_marine_biotechnology] Conference on Biodiversity Informatics in Indonesia

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    tq for your information   warm regard rika Soegijapranata Catholic University-Semarang Dari: safran yusri Kepada: milis bio ui
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      tq for your information
      warm regard
      Soegijapranata Catholic University-Semarang

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      Judul: [indonesian_marine_biotechnology] Conference on Biodiversity Informatics in Indonesia

      Conference on Biodiversity Informatics in Indonesia

      Indonesia: The number one biodiversity nation!

      Indonesia is probably the most biodiverse nation in the world, with extremely high terrestrial diversity and endemism, and unmatched marine biodiversity. Access to information on biodiversity resources is fundamental for agriculture, forestry, pharmaceutical R&D and even energy R&D. Much of Indonesia’s biodiversity is as yet unrecorded, and what data exist are mainly served by foreign museums and herbaria. We believe that Indonesia has the need and the capacity to generate, collate and serve biodiversity data on Indonesian species and habitats.

      In this one-day conference (the first on Biodiversity Informatics to be held in Indonesia), we hope to draw together leading biologists concerned with data management and availability, and leading computer scientists concerned with biodiversity, to deepen our conversation and plan routes ahead. This is an open conference and you are invited to register. We are accepting oral presentations, and will be displaying posters.

      One of our goals will be to join Indonesian biodiversity into the `linked data cloud’ (diagram by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. http://lod-cloud.net/).

      Topics to be discussed will include:
      Designing and managing specimen databases (e.g., for museums or herbaria)
      Contributing data to GBIF
      Citizen science approaches to biodiversity exploration
      Mapping biodiversity: individuals and patterns (GIS tools and approaches)
      Biodiversity and remote sensing
      The semantic web and Linked Open Data
      Legal aspects of serving biodiversity data
      Bioinformatics in Indonesia
      Social networking and biodiversity exploration
      Conference sponsors

      Universitas Gunadarma
      Research Center for Biology, LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia)
      Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
      US National Science Foundation
      Conference Details
      Date: Thursday 15 September 2011
      Place: Universitas Gunadarma (Campus D), Depok, West Java, Indonesia (easily accessible from Jakarta via taxi or train)
      Language: Presentations and posters may be in either Bahasa Indonesia or English
      Registration: Cost: Rp 50,000 (for pre-registered participants) or Rp 100,000 (for on-site registration on 16 September). Funds payable at meeting. Please email ibic@... with the following information: Name, Institution, HP #.
      Submission of Paper and Poster Abstracts: To present, you must register before 11 September. Please send your title, authors and abstract (max. 300 words) to ibic@....

      Much biodiversity remains to be discovered in the rain forests of Indonesia

      Conference Schedule
      Welcoming remarks (Dr. I Made Wiryana)
      Keynote 1 (Dr. Cam Webb)
      Keynote 2 (TBA)
      Coffee break
      Participant talks (15 mins x 10)
      Poster session
      Tea break
      Open discussion (“Developing capacity for Biodiversity Informatics in Indonesia”)

      Format for Posters and Presentations
      We will accept visual (slide) material in various formats: PDF (preferred and safest), Open Document Format (e.g., OpenOffice.org Impress files), and Microsoft Powerpoint (Office 97/2000/XP binary version, or .pptx XML version in Office 2007). Your presentation should be no longer than 13 minutes, allowing 2 minutes for changeover.
      Your poster should be A0 size 841 x 1189 mm (or ca. 36" by 48") and in portrait orientation (i.e. taller than it is wide). The poster space itself will be 1 m wide by 1.5 m tall.

      Open Source Statement

      We actively promote the use of Free/Open Source software, both for office tasks and for biodiversity informatics applications. See Indonesia Go Open Source.
      Safran Yusri
      Green web, cheap hosting

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