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Indonesian-American Group to Host Nationwide Candlelight Vigil

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  • John MacDougall
    From Avian E. Tumengkol -- PRESS RELEASE Indonesian-American Group to Host Nationwide Candlelight Vigil A Nationwide Event
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
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      From Avian E. Tumengkol <asst-pressattache@...>



      Indonesian-American Group to Host Nationwide Candlelight Vigil
      "A Nationwide Event Commemorate Tsunami Tragedy"

      Washington, DC, U.S.A., January 31st 2005

      The Society for Indonesian-Americans (SIA) announced today plans to conduct a nationwide candlelight
      vigil commemorating the tragic event of December 26, 2004 befalling Indonesia and other South Asian
      countries. Simultaneous events will be held in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, Los
      Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. on Friday, February 4. The local
      event will take place from 7:00 - 8:30 pm in Washington DC. at the Embassy of Indonesia located at
      2020 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., between 20th and 21st street.

      The program will consist of a moment of silence, several speakers, films, and photographs.
      Participants will be linked together via a nationwide conference call. The keynote speaker will be
      Ambassador Soemadi D.M Brotodiningrat. In addition, a representative from Mercy Corps will provide
      an update on their tsunami relief efforts on site in Aceh. Mercy Corps has been designated by SIA as
      the primary recipient of their donations due to their extensive on-site presence, their very low
      administrative costs, and their innovative activities in Indonesia, including a project, well
      underway, to put 1000 local people into paid jobs assisting in the cleanup and reconstruction
      efforts in Aceh.

      George Tirajoh, Chairman/President of SIA, stated "The Society for Indonesian-Americans (SIA), based
      out of Washington, D.C., is promoting solidarity and remembrance among Indonesian-Americans and
      friends throughout the United States for the victims of the tsunami 40 days after the tragedy (which
      is a traditional time of memorialization) on February 4, 2005. We encourage all members of the
      community, regardless of nationality, who wish to pay their respects to attend. SIA looks to the
      future as Indonesian-Americans playing an important role to bridge communication, understanding, and
      trust between Indonesia and the U.S."

      All those wishing to attend are invited to the Embassy for the activities which begin at 7PM. In
      addition to the program as described above, donations of clothing and children's toys will be

      "This is a nationwide event in the U.S. to show respect and solidarity towards the victims not only
      in the Indonesia region, but all tsunami-affected countries. SIA plays a role in bringing together
      Indonesians and Americans in the U.S., but on this evening, we hope to bring together the world in
      unity for a moment of silence," says SIA protocol for Indonesia, Avian Tumengkol.

      "It is important for SIA to make a difference in anyway we can, however small or big of leverage it
      may cause. The sincerity at heart is what counts most for this event, not the money," he adds.

      About The Society of Indonesian Americans

      The Society of Indonesian-Americans was founded in 2001 to "share the interest to empower the unity
      of Indonesian-Americans, and to create a viable network among Indonesian-Americans in both the U.S.
      and Indonesia. Members of SIA encourage all Indonesian-Americans to interact with one another and
      respond collectively as a linkage to Indonesia and U.S. opportunities, development and awareness."
      The organization differentiates itself from existing Indonesian organizations that are based on
      ethnicity and religion, and instead encourages a multi-cultural, mutli-ethnic, and multi-religious

      For more information, please contact:

      George Tirajoh
      Chairman / President

      The Society for Indonesian Americans (SIA)
      "SIA brings together Indonesian-Americans, together we can make a difference."

      Telephone: (202) 390-9037
      E-mail: georgetirajoh@...
      Website: www.SIAnews.org
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