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White Buffalo Calf Woman Shares: Cree Indian (Native American) Proverb

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  • White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer
    http://white-buffalo-calf-woman.blogspot.com/2012/07/cree-indian-native-american-proverb.html WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 2012 Cree Indian (Native American)
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      WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 2012

      Cree Indian (Native American) Proverb

      Oh my Cree Brother, 
      Remember from whence you came. From the darkness of destruction will arise the ember of colors that bind and purify as they fly in the winds. We are rainbow colors each of us in four directions. Change does not use blame and shame, instead forgive the driving force in the world LOVE, the law of the sacred circle. We are changing, it's part of evolution. We are returning home to our spirit once more, celebrate and dance to the music! Dance for the new moon's darkness, she births beginnings. Ghost Walk with us each new moon, from the darkness we arise a heavenly child. (2014, solar and lunar calender align, January 1, a cycle of renewal) 

      All my Relatives,
      I had a vision of a cut tree. It's roots could still reach for heaven, but not upwards and outwards, but down deep within. Hear lies the heavenly soul, the song that chimes with others. Many voices shared their sounds, but they did not sing together, like a forest, but each as a cut tree, seeking within to chime with the song that blows in the winds.

      You are not dead, when a tree is cut down, many new sprouts will grow and even continue on to help in one way or another, as it's contribution to the whole, even unknowingly. We are like the cut trees, seeking our within to shine once more.

      This inner light is an expression of our soul but moves in/on/sailing sound waves (water), rather than light waves (fire). Meaning sound moves all around, while light is directional. We call this the blue road (sound, water, a round), because it's wave rises from the heart, which more like a tree of life. Meaning the roots grow downwards and the branches/leaves grow upward. As they start to grow and get heavier/denser, the motion moves like a donut shape, just like the tree of life, streaming inwards and outwards. The image portrays at least one tree lives, the TREE of ONENESS.

      We are learning each of us to dew our own part. When we learn this, we are still like in a cocoon. When we rise up to grow like a tree of life, we use our heart through the song to greet all our relatives, each molecule gifted to us each day. We are learning to be grateful, but it starts with death. Yes many trees have been cut down, but we are at the height of evolution's second wave, the orange hill. We have planted the seeds, now we are ready to watch them grow. When they rise up again, we will be rooted together and our branches will touch each other, both in our physical world (color, fire, red road) and our spiritual world (sound, water, blue road).

      As we come closer and closer to our destruction, realize a birth can happen when we rise out of our fog and awaken to it's collision, where our breath is gifted for all to behold. You are a bit of heaven on earth, if you hold. Embrace the purification cycle, for renewal is nearing, when the seeds will sprout forth and a new dawning will reign brotherhood again.

      Third rolling hill we bow to you, the yellow phase of time, when dreams of twins do chime! (soul and flesh, pass the test, harmonize). Love and blessings to the sacred nine streams and four directions, we bow, all together, it's a holy cow (bison wear a prayer cloth on them, but all gift in some way).

      The sacred path that lasts and lasts, four directions that leads us on towards our blast, the first sign of love that bows, then we know we are the sacred rows, trees that overflow, gift love above and below, for us to really know.

      your devoted servant,
      White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
      elder crystal child,alightfromwithin.org,
      Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
      iyeshka (interpreter) and akicita (law bringer)

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      Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 12:58 PM
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      Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
      Facebook Circle

      Sun Gazing (Facebook Image: Cree Indian Proverb) "Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money."

      Linda Rossi We r such dumb creatures! 

      Ümran Yeğin Shared,thank you. 

      Dieter Keller I love this one so much! 

      Alidade Newel I used this for my cover photo. Hope that is okay. 
      Blessed be ♥

      Robin Freemantle I have a hope that there are enough good people
       left in this world that won't let this happen! 

      Restore Australia Why would we want to be released from suffering? 
      That would mean you are dead. I prefer to accept the pain and grow from it. 

      Teena N Jason So get out in your garden sis...Tristin Waitere 

      Stephanie Gifford So true. 

      Renée Luna Amen 

      Lisa Campbell ♥ 

      Stacey Winther Very true!!! Blessings.... 

      Betsy Schaack Excellent 

      Laura Matson Hope we don't have to wait that long :) 

      Dcg Doggi Hope ain't to late,.... 

      Adeola Odunsi Climate change. May God help us! 

      Charlotte Poage Hartman That is so good. Those are reasons
       for having our garden and driving our Prius.

      Sara Lassiter Giroux Very wise...I hope we wake up and realize
       this is happening and make an effort as a world community to 
      change the way in which we're going. 

      Bonnie Cavaleri Personally I'm looking foreword to the end of the
       world on the 21st of December especially if Romney is elected. 

      Eugenia Volino and sadly this could b sooner than we all want to admit 

      Charlotte Poage Hartman Like Sara's comment. 

      Tatjana Doci ♥♥♥ 

      Vijayan Narayanan by then it will be too late... 

       The words of my people speak true...So often we forget that we live off
       the land, the land does not live off of us. Think about it...When our climate
       conditions deteriorate, we lose our crops, which feed us and the animals
       we slaughter for food. When there is a storm, we stay indoors & sometimes need 
      to close down our businesses, which does take a huge toll on our economy...But 
      there's nothing to do to stop it...Where I live, a few years ago we decided to clean
       up our main river. PCB (a chemical waste product of paper production) was our main
       concern because it affected our wildlife; especially birds whose reproduction was 
      greatly affected for it softened their eggs, so when they sat on them, they would 
      break...Now there's an overabundance of birds! I love birds, but now squirrels are 
      becoming a rarity, due to birds of prey, & pesky insects are EVERYWHERE because 
      they're eating spiders!!!...Which wouldn't be a problem if we hadn't endangered 
      and eliminated our predatorial animals. All of our environmental salvation efforts are 
      just to buy us more time now...We've messed things up beyond fixing...
      MikeandPaula Johnston Was this snoped....???? :) mj 

      Zoran Nedeljkovic Тек када последњи дрво је умро и последњи
       река била затрована и последња риба је ухваћен ћемо схватити
       не можемо да једемо новац. 
      Manuel Dominick Hope we don't that long.. 

      Juan Fernando Martinez is true!! 

      LOVE this! ♥ ♥ ♥ ‎-- and Indian culture.. ♥

      Lykke Katsøe So let's act and this won't happen! 

      Malcol Hardwick man always take things for granted. Then wants
       what he cant have anymore. 


      Bittuu Aroraa Thank you. Regards. 

      Lety Mir Ahhh a terrible future. We must to change some things in
       order to modify that darkness of future not so far. 

      Emmy Lake Money comes from trees HAHA! We won't have 
      money either! 

       It is not money that kills trees, nor poisons the very waters we 
      quench our thirsts or consumes the very last fish that may take
       away our hunger, its those who poison there own minds with 
      greed of not having what someone else has and often being somewhat 
      fishy themselves. It is true that money can consume the very spirit but 
      why condemned those who have some with your own poisoned thoughts
       and hurt even the ones so near and dear to your own existence until all
       the lies an deceit that comes from within drag you down into your own
       gates of misery.

      Priti Gosai nice thought

      Ravi Vemulapalli How to avoid this

      Mike Scholey Peope were saying this even during the 
      Industrial Revolution in the 19th century!

      Iam Kimi if one river is poisoned all are

      Bob Ritchie that 19th century the world population was very small, 
      we did not had global warming and its effects.!......NOW! The world 
      situation is VFRY BAD! We are in TOUGH SITUATION! It is only MIRACLE
       that can save us! But how??!

      Chiranjeeb Das may i have the privilege to share

      Ely GomRua ‎:'(

      Kara Thompson Wasn't that an American Indian quote?

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