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God Plenty is God's Divine Time Where Waterfalls Flow and Hearts Know

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  • Twin Deer Mother
    Tuesday, September 1, 2009 God Plenty is God s Divine Time Where Waterfalls Flow and Hearts
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      Tuesday, September 1, 2009

      God Plenty is God's Divine Time Where Waterfalls Flow and Hearts Know

      We are coming to a new time, there is sunshine in the air and the waterfalls that come to me, is where I can go to play.  But so many are not happy, they seem to go down there, but all they find is illusions, when they don't climb the vine. (waves of time, heart flows on the wave, rolling hills of time, evolution)  and I can say, I have plenty of love that over bounds, and I can say, I am happy, because the sunshine came today.

      The waterfalls that make me is where I can be this day.  And I can climb the oceans to be with all who dare.  and my heart knows the many, who don't know how to climb.  And I will be there for them, when they learn how to swim. (heart)

      They think that God is plenty (illusion of matter), but I know that's not the way.  For all we have is so much time, the plenty of God's divine.  but those who think they need more, of foolishness that hails, the storms embrace (Mother Willed One) I have my grace, the love of mother deer (journey).

      I know my dad is happy, he tells me all the time. But I know his heart has plenty to learn if only he could play.  if only he could play.  but until the time of plenty, the time we are filled with God, my father who lies in heaven will come down to hold his hand (Cristo Eagle Lightning Arrow).  and my love is more than they need, but I will be here for their stead.  and I can be the worshiping call, when I heed all that comes.  I will teach the world to play, to learn how it is to skip and dance.  and I will be the love of you, when you learn how to make company (brotherhood).

      The will of God is plenty. The plenty of love that abounds, no matter how much we have to hold, it's not the bold of love.  the bowl of plenty is over flowing when love over bounds, not gifts of words or incomplete heard, the love of God is known.  Just throw away the too much, my brother may need it more. And I can be the good fellow when I share all that abounds.

      Whippers Crown Noah's Luminous Song of the Heart (turned one year yesterday)
      Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

      Warriors of the Earth  
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