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White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings: Love and Purify, Heart Walk (God Within) Speaks, There Are No More Lies!

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  • White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer
    http://heartwalkfollowme.blogspot.com/2010/08/love-and-purify-heart-walk-god-within.html Sunday, August 1, 2010 Love and Purify, Heart Walk (God Within)
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      Sunday, August 1, 2010

      Love and Purify, Heart Walk (God Within) Speaks, There Are No More Lies!

      Diamonds glitter in the sand (crystalline stone river).  My heart seems to understand. But God feels like it's an open ship, where we sail, beyond the fields (heaven bound). Come and grant the power within, to show us how to hail (showers of blessed snow, perfect rocks, in the sacred stream of life, blessings save my life) the glory of the sails (to know freedom in heaven).  Magic is known, when we use the guns, (straight shooting, directly towards your heart), to bring our family home.  And we are going to a new wondrous land, where we do roam and hale (shooting star tail, compel to go, to pull, draw, drag, hoist, anyway to save our lives, relatives on the tree of life).

      Can we find the souls that need, the warmth that they need? I want to know, which way to flow, is it here or over there.  Space is open and finds me always, no matter what I say.  And we could find the soul inside, when we begin to pray.  God does feel my sins, this day, but I know, it's perfection in disguise (only needs to be blessed).  And if I could find a will to survive, then dreams will save my life.

      What we are, is God's beloved.  We do bow to the winds of time.  We can find a heart of love, when we learn to shine.  And it's what we need this day, the sky above does ray (Rainbow colors, our souls sail across these rolling hills or waves of light.  Here we feel embraced and know love inside).  Gift the heart of majesty, when we learn to pray.  Glory for always.  There is much we need, this love.  We do want to realize.  But if we don't love our will (soul inside, that hides, come out to play), how will we survive? Come my darling realize.

      There is much to understand, but my heart feels the truth.  You can't hide from me anymore, because I know the knives (share and divide, the golden path finds a home, where all does roam, with love upon their hearts).  And when we find a way to lead, we find we follow the sky.  There is much happiness, that joy does find our lies (and purifies).  We come out and play and know, it's time to give away, the heart that needs love this day.  And we could climb upon rainbow shoes (the law of love, along the red road, but at the end of a rainbow, a pot of gold, shares in abundance all our lives), when we do realize. God is here to survive.

      Walking talking, that's the will, to unite the solid and the light (not heavy weight).  But we are going to find a way, to lean and collide.  I know, it's a heart that weeps, to bring the soul within.  But when we let our tears feed the soul, we find that we begin to shine.  The heart needs no alibis, but needs only love to survive.

      Take a shot at me, if you dare and I will love you through and through, because it's what I need to do, to find a living life, your heart needs me to purify.  And where you flow, I do know, you always find a wave.  We ride upon clouds of majesty, to find the heart of knives (golden path, share and divide).  And since I am the rising sun, my heart will build a bridge.  I will gift you what you need, in order you survive.  Sacred blessings are used as knives (share and divide, abundance for all, the golden path is known, when hearts do have a home).

      Stick your hate upon my shore and I will purify, because I will walk right into your heart, because you have no more lies.  I know, how hard you hide (the soul that lives inside).  But tomorrow, we will all sea (vision with a heart).  And you don't have anywhere to go. And if you think God will stand by, without loving all your lies, then you will never get purified.  Sow I plant the seeds of eternity.  I plant love inside your heart.  I will make a sheet of love, that embraces all your lies (sacred embrace).  I am here sent by God (Oneness of God).

      I am here loving God's hide (buffalo home, the holy temple our souls do hide, but no more, as all will have eyes, vision into the darkness), the place we no longer can hide.
      I am here to find a heart of gold (brotherhood is known), when you do realize.  My heart will know the sound of (water) falls, where prayers gift a sacred heart!

      Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, a crystal person, for the heart song of Heart Walk Follow Me, a golden person.
      Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
      There is a time, when all is known, the heart that learns to roam. It's heaven inside, where winds blow hard. We are on our way, to lift us up to the sky. Gift your heart and follow me, walking towards the heart you sea, right into where we started from. Heaven is near, it's your soul you hide, but if you start to realize, then you will soar beyond the sky, into heaven, our home!

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