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Fwd: Please Help Us Gather 144,000 Signatures for Peace

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  • Karen Eck
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2005
      >Thread-Topic: Please Help Us Gather 144,000 Signatures for Peace
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      >Subject: Please Help Us Gather 144,000 Signatures for Peace
      >Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 21:20:51 -0700
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      >We invite you take part in an historic global peace mission - Steps for Peace!
      >International Peace Troubadour James Twyman's Beloved Community and
      >Earthdance have joined forces for an unprecedented peace mission uniting
      >over 144,000 global citizens to sign a declaration of peace. This is a
      >profound opportunity for everyone dedicated to creating a world of
      >compassion and peace.
      >Our goal is to gather 144,000 signatures (in this case electronic
      >signatures) which will be presented to Pope Benedict as well as to
      >officials from the UN gathering in Assisi on September 21, the United
      >Nation's International Day of Peace.
      >Help us send a strong message to the leaders of the world proclaiming our
      >intent for creating a New World.
      >To sign the declaration today, please go to www.emissaryoflight.com/peacewalk/
      >James will lead a peace walk from Assisi to Rome September 12th - 21st
      >ending with a Papal audience where he, joined by Earthdance International
      >founder, Chris Deckker, will present the names of those asking for peace
      >to the Pope. The following day they will take the list of names to the
      >United Nations peace conference taking place in Assisi.
      >Meanwhile, Earthdance International is coordinating a global peace event
      >taking place in hundreds of cities around the world to dance and pray for
      >peace the weekend of September 17th. The highlight of the Earthdance
      >International event is a simultaneous dance-floor link up, when every
      >event across the world plays the Prayer for Peace.
      >We are asking the people of the world to both join us in prayer on
      >September 17th and to sign the Declaration. If you are interested in
      >joining the peace walk in Assisi or the Earthdance International
      >celebrations, you can click on the links below.
      >There is great power in prayer, so join us in making the dream of peace a
      >reality! Please sign up and be counted!
      >Once again, please pass this email to everyone you know, and sign the
      >declaration today.
      >The Beloved Community and Earthdance International Staff
      >For information on Earthdance - www.earthdance.org
      >For information about the Assisi Peace walk - www.emissaryoflight.com
      >Please do not reply to this email message. No one reads these
      >messages. If you do have questions or comments, go to the web site
      >http://www.emissaryoflight.com and click on Contact Us.
      >Your e-mail address on record with us is
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