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Fwd: New Kids update ~ July 2005

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  • Karen Eck
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19 2:17 PM
      >From: "Soleira Green" <Soleira@...>
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      >Subject: New Kids update ~ July 2005
      >Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 18:48:30 +0100
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      >NEW KIDS UPDATE ~ July 2005
      >What's in this update?
      > ... Marci Lebowitz' workshop on Autism
      > ... Intuition and Beyond telecall invitation
      > ... Psychic Children documentary special request
      >... EVENTS
      > ... Rainbow Planet Connection workshop in the UK
      > ... Children of the New World Events 2005
      >Lots of love
      >Hi all,
      >Things have really been hopping since my last New Kids update in April:
      >(1) MARCI LEBOWITZ ( jewelmarci@... ) from the US did a workshop here
      >in the UK on May 28th around working in a very special new way with children
      >with Autism and Asbergers. Marci took on being a voice for these wonderful
      >children (that she loves with a passion) as well as being a leading voice
      >for new ways of working with them that include energetics, wholistic
      >connection, telepathic communication and working in consciousness. For more
      >information on Marci's approach, see the notes below from a recent telecall
      >hosted by Alan Wilson.
      >(2) ALAN WILSON of Develop Your Child ( alan@... ) has
      >stepped passionately into a commitment to wholistically develop
      >millions of children globally and to empower the relationship between, and
      >the potential of, children and parents engaging together. In support of
      >this, Alan has called together an amazing group of people (over 65 at last
      >count) for a series of telecalls, sharing, networking and who knows what
      >else. We've already had the first call featuring Marci and a second one
      >planned for Monday, 25th July. Here's Alan's invitation to you to join us:
      >I'm organising a teleconference for those interested in co-creating what
      >wants to happen energetically - for the empowerment of children and parents
      >and engaging them together. The teleconference will be on Monday 25th July
      >at 7pm UK time, 2 pm east coast USA ( to check times in other areas, visit
      >www.timeanddate.com ). To register please go to
      >Love, Alan
      >(3) A PSYCHIC KIDS documentary is being filmed by World of Wonder
      >Productions for one of the major television stations here in the UK. They'd
      >like to film me (Soleira) working with a sensitive, psychically aware child
      >who'd like to develop their abilities in regards to communicating
      >telepathically and working energetically with intuition, knowing, innate
      >sensing and new levels of intelligence. I work similarly to Marci in terms
      >of vibrant energetics, telepathy, consciousness and connecting with the
      >living intelligence that is both within us and surrounding us. I'd like to
      >work with a parent and child who would like to enhance their abilities,
      >taking them to an evolving capacity for healthy, vibrant living. If you're
      >interested in this, please email me at Soleira@... and Lynda of
      >World of Wonder at lregnier@... or telephone Lynda at 0207
      >428 3464.
      >Intuition and Beyond for Children and Parents
      >Notes from telecall #1, 12-07-05
      >Alan introduced Marci Lebowitz ( jewelmarci@... ) from Chicago,
      >Illinois, who talked about working with autistic children. These are the
      >notes from her insights and from the questions and answers.
      >Autistic children are completely energetic and highly sensitive. Marci's
      >work is about giving them an opportunity to function and be recognised for
      >how they function and are designed. She recognises this as genius and sees
      >that they're here to contribute to us. A recent study shows that now in the
      >USA 1 in 150 children has some autistic spectrum issue where it used to be 1
      >in 10,000.
      >When working with autistic kids, she calms herself down, connects with
      >herself and with them and intuitively connects immediately to what it is
      >they need. She telepathically asks them not only what they need, but also
      >what they're there to teach her as well. She allows herself to understand
      >and perceive how they perceive things. She's a potentialist working in the
      >higher realms with these children. In addition to being a craniosacral
      >therapist, she calls the new way she's working 'physiological neurogenesis'.
      >These kids operate in the 19th dimension and above frequencies, so she works
      >with them there from their potential, genius, gifts and contribution as well
      >as working with them in the physical to assist them in integrating into
      >their lives and bodies.
      >Q: What are these kids here to do?
      >A (from Marci): They're here to challenge every single system that doesn't
      >work for humanity. They defy everything and defy how people relate to one
      >another. They mirror our own behaviours at a very high and intense level.
      >Q: What's their most important message for us?
      >A (from Marci): These kids are absolutely loving. They bring awareness
      >about love and loving each other, being connected and bringing in special
      >gifts (e.g. innate sensing). They operate completely out of heart energy.
      >A (from Diane): They're teaching us to be less restrictive and judgemental
      >with them. They open up our ways and our thoughts.
      >Q: How are they communicating with one another?
      >A (from Marci): There's an energy form that goes off of them and goes to
      >another child or children. They're not limited by the time / space
      >continuum. You can feel them doing things to recalibrate the world.
      >They're extremely powerful.
      >Q: With non-verbal kids, can you stimulate them to talk?
      >A (from Marci): Some yes, some no. They're so telepathic, but others
      >around them aren't getting the information. The adults get frustrated by
      >it. The kids aren't necessarily unhappy about not talking, but the parents
      >can be. The parents need to learn how to connect with the kids on their
      >levels. I teach the parents to watch and observe how the kids are
      >communicating in other ways than just language.
      >A (from John): He uses the language of feeling when working with kids and
      >to describe this way of working. Kids are emotive, lively, vibrant and he
      >creates a safe space for them to feel, to have emotion and to be themselves.
      >With feeling, that's where the magic is. It's more than what we think we
      >Q: Does one have to be spiritually evolved to work with these children?
      >A (from Marci): All you really need is a commitment to recognise these kids
      >and their potential. I see that children are 10,000 times more intuitive
      >than I am and I work to open this up for parents so they can connect to
      >their kids on these levels.
      >In the UK September 2005
      >Innovative 'Funshops' for Teachers, Parents and Caregivers of Children
      >Carol Wood and Karyn Nash of The Rainbow Planet Connection from Australia
      >are coming to the UK to host funshops that will explore the new paradigm
      >shift in relation to your role as a child caregiver, including:
      >... Relationships - parent / child, teacher / child
      >... Using Power or Force. Staying in your own power as a parent or
      >teacher, but not using control or force as it only brings resistance.
      >... Looking at energy models of self-responsibility, self-power or
      >victim and blame.
      >... Exciting new information on energy exchanges and how we interact
      >with others on an emotional energy level!
      >... Using breathing and body awareness and relaxation exercises. Learning
      >how we can teach ourselves and our children to be more aware of our energy
      >state and how to change this to a calmer, more peaceful one.
      >... Exploring a model of expressing or suppressing emotional energy.
      >Looking at being powerful or powerless. Expressing emotions using creative
      >self-expression - Art, Drama, Dance / Movement, Story Telling and Journal
      >Visit the Rainbow Planet Connection website for more information and/or to
      >register your interest http://www.rainbowplanetconnection.com
      >Locations: Southwest London, Daventry, Lancashire, Salisbury, Kent and
      >Devon area. See website for specific dates in each area.
      >This year's Children of the New World Conferences and Kids' Workshops are
      >all set to go for a South of England tour ......
      >... 18th September, Bedford Moat House Hotel, Bedford
      >... 2nd October, Keay Theatre, St Austell, Cornwall and
      >... 6th November, at Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton.
      >Join them for an exploration of human evolution, with experts in education,
      >science, health and spiritual wisdom. For further details, visit
      >www.childrenofthenewworld.org.uk or call 01462 769024.
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