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  • Karen Eck
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      >Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 11:35:40 EDT
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      >by William Bloom
      >This Saturday's Live8 Concert will be the biggest spiritual event that
      >humanity has ever experienced.
      >This is an extravagant claim, but two things are for certain. First, never
      >before in the history of humanity have so many people been involved in a
      >single shared experience. Second, the core of the experience is both
      >celebratory and moral - 'spiritual' by any other name.
      >The figures and reality of the event are impressive and worth repeating.
      >Live8 will be the biggest broadcast ever, with more than 5.5 billion
      >people able to tune in through a variety of media. The global population
      >today stands at 6.5 billion which means that 85 per cent of all people
      >will be able to watch or listen to the concert. This surpasses the
      >previous 2004 record of the 3.9 billion people who watched the Olympic
      >No matter how cynical some may be about its showbiz buzz, the whole
      >happening can be positively described as contemporary collective religion
      >and spirituality at its best. It has all the features of great worship.
      >Song, rhythm and noble ideals.
      >Whether it is the Gregorian chant of Christian monks, hymn singing, tribal
      >and pagan dance, Buddhist mantras, Islamic song-prayers or one of the many
      >other cultural forms - throughout history, in all times and places, people
      >have come together to share their spirituality through music.
      >Today the shared music of our globe is rock and pop.
      >This Saturday the congregation is almost everyone on the planet.
      >Global, collective worship.
      >And the event has depth - the depth of true meaning, compassion and
      >relevance. It is concerned with the suffering and deaths of millions of
      >children and adults, condemned by a poverty that can be remedied. It will
      >raise consciousness and open hearts.
      >It is fully engaged in social and political realities, bringing direct
      >pressure to bear on the 8 world leaders who will meet in Scotland for the
      >G8 summit and who have the opportunity now to increase aid, release debt
      >and create a global trading system that is fair, immediately saving lives
      >that are otherwise slaughtered by our gods of uncaring commerce and power
      >But as a spiritual event, Live8 will also carry atmosphere and energy. It
      >will call in and transmit love, compassion and connection. Anyone who
      >remembers the LiveAid concert of 20 years ago, or the opening and closing
      >of the last Olympic games, will remember the powerful emotion and energy
      >of those events.
      >This Saturday, then, is also an opportunity for prayer, meditation and
      >There is occasion here for everyone to participate. As well as being
      >enthusiastic supporters and spectators, we can also give co-creative
      >spiritual engagement. Whatever the event appears to be on the outside, in
      >the inner world it also has immense power. During the worldwide
      >concert, we can pray and meditate for global healing and justice for all
      >the world's people.
      >We can call for and send healing.
      >We can increase our commitment to a life style that harms no one and no
      >Religion by religion there is a common myth that their saviour will return
      >and lead humanity to a better world, to heaven on earth. This is an old
      >model, a hope dependent on a single leader. Today's world is more
      >democratic, less hierarchical. There is the possibility that humanity as a
      >whole can manifest its spirituality and love of freedom. As with the fall
      >of the Berlin Wall or the response to the Tsunami disaster, the heart and
      >passion of humanity can manifest in enormous group events.
      >As we know every few seconds a child dies of extreme poverty. A lost life,
      >a devastated family. I cannot live with this any more. Most of us cannot
      >bear it.
      >Linked by the global communications network, linked by our shared prayers
      >and meditations, let this coming Saturday truly be the greatest spiritual
      >event ever. Let it move and transform the hearts of all of us,
      >manifesting practically in a transformed world.
      >Enjoy the party. Anchor the passion. Heal the world.
      >William Bloom
      >June 2005
      >The Planetary Awakening Network
      >contact Maggie Erotokritou
      > .

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