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    http://spiritofmaat.com/archive/maglist.htm#past is the link to all issues of Spirit of Maat magazine. Below is the article related to indigo children.
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      http://spiritofmaat.com/archive/maglist.htm#past is the link to all
      issues of Spirit of Maat magazine. Below is the article related to
      indigo children.


      Children of a New Time - The Gift of the Indigo Child

      with Carolina Hehenkamp
      by Susan Barber


      Carolina Hehenkamp is doing important work in easing the path of
      Europe's Indigo children — especially those in Germany. Because of the
      cultural differences, the problems that Indigos face in Germany and
      other European countries are also in some ways unique. But Carolina's
      untiring and compassionate work will speak to the parents of all of
      our New Children, wherever they may be.

      SB: Carolina, I would like first to ask you how you came to be doing
      this work.

      CH: A few years ago, I was in a seminar with Lee Carroll. It triggered
      all my cells. I knew immediately that there was something very
      important there for me.

      Then I did another Lee Carroll workshop two years ago — it was in
      August 1999 — and I got that I should write a book about the European
      children of the new generation. So I took a year off and went to Spain
      and wrote this book. Now I'm back near my home, which is Holland, but
      I'm living just across the border, in Germany. Because I want to work
      with Germany's Indigo children and their families.

      This is because there is a different culture in Germany, an old,
      traditional family structure that makes it even more difficult in
      Germany than elsewhere for these new children.

      SB: Can you tell us what these differences are?

      CH: In Europe there is often a very specific, traditional way of
      growing up that is less free than, for example, in America. This is
      especially true in Germany, and that's also my focus, so I will talk
      about that.

      A lot of the women work, but the father is still the authority in the
      family. And there is a cultural importance on being normal. For this
      reason, the mother feels guilty if she has an Indigo child, guilty
      that her child is not normal.

      In the cultural view, children should conform. Expectations are more
      rigid. There is a big value placed on just doing well — behaving well,
      being what we think of as average. People will say, Look at that
      child, the mother does not control it.

      These children come in on a high energy level, a high frequency, and
      then they bump into this energy in their families. They feel that
      there is a wall.

      SB: How do you explain the truth to the German mothers of Indigos?

      CH: This is a problem. In America you can talk of a ''new race'' of
      children, but you can't do that in Germany. If I'm working with groups
      in other countries I can speak about this, but in a group of average
      mothers in Germany you can't talk about that.

      SB: Is that because of Hitler?

      CH: Yes, that's why. So, first of all, I try to tell them that
      everything is new, and nothing is new. I say that ''normal evolution''
      is going a lot faster than before, raising the energy of the entire
      world. The kids themselves are aware of Spirit and dimensions, but
      their mothers are dealing with all this emotional stuff. They don't
      know about these things.

      Then I tell them a lot of stories.

      * For example, there was a three-year-old boy in 1982 — he's 19
      now — who was always crying a lot, always looking at one particular
      spot in the room up near the ceiling. It turned out that he was seeing
      his grandmother — his father's mother — all the time, and she was a
      mean woman. And he had to have Coca-Cola. Then a couple years later,
      he said, ''Mommie, everything is going to be fine. And I'm going to be
      leaving earth in 2031.'' He still needed the Coca-Cola. So the mother
      started doing emotional work to deal with her son.

      * One child was always seeing Devas. She would say, ''Look, Momma,
      they are everywhere.'' And things were always missing from the house.
      Finally, the child told them to put out gifts for the Devas —
      crystals, rings, cookies — and after that everything was fine.

      * Another little girl of four or five years was behaving badly (in
      her mother's view), so the mother said: ''Don't bother me any more,
      stop it, you're just like Grandma.'' And the child giggled and said,
      ''Now you know why I came back.''

      * There was a case of a young boy who had a white rabbit for seven
      years. Nobody else could see this rabbit, but the child could see it.
      If they were going somewhere in a car and the rabbit had not had a
      chance to get in, the child would say, ''Stop the car, you closed the
      door before the rabbit came on.'' Then one day they stopped hearing
      about the rabbit and asked the child if it were still there. ''No,''
      he said, ''it's gone.''

      So I tell these stories to the groups of mothers, and it helps them to
      understand, because they recognize their own children in them and that
      makes them feel better. They are not the only one. Everybody gets a
      point of recognition.

      SB: How do you think these children can best be helped?

      CH: We need to help the family, to change the culture of the family.
      This starts with the mother, allowing her not to feel guilty. We tell
      her that her child is okay, and that she has a right to know more
      about what is happening.

      We say that the problem is not that she has failed to ''control'' her
      child, as everyone is telling her. The husband says, ''What are you
      doing to the child?'' Then the school complains. So the father makes
      them go to a doctor, and the doctor makes the mother feel guilty. They
      perform an IQ test on the child that shows borderline genius, and now
      everbody is really convinced that the behavior they are seeing is
      wrong, and that it must be the mother's fault. By the time the mother
      gets to our support services, she's had about eight authority figures
      telling her that she's doing something wrong, trying to make her feel

      That is why my website is free. I want the mother to feel it is her
      right to have this information. She needs it, because she has been
      criticized by just about everyone.

      SB: Do you work also with the children?

      CH: Yes. I show them ways to sort things out. Again, they need to
      believe that they are okay. And many times they are not going to get
      support from their family, so I try to help them be self-supportive. I
      use color therapy, AuraSoma (see Introduction to AuraSoma Therapy in
      our March issue), Sacred Geometry, and Light — I have them see
      themselves in a sphere of Golden Light where they are protected.

      I use intuition to select an approach that will work for each child.

      SB: Do you see particular patterns in the children's behavior?

      CH: Yes, this is one of the keys to understanding what is happening.
      It seems, at least in my experience, that these children are going to
      show us the dysfunctional behavioral patterns of their family. The
      children are creating their behavior in order to heal the family.

      If the family doesn't ''get it'' and you take away whatever situation
      the children have created, they will create something else! They
      create whatever is necessary to clear the emotional field — and they
      create it in the open! It's right there on their nose, not hidden in
      their t-shirt.

      I say to the mothers, ''Let them help you.'' The children are like the
      dolphins, sending their energy everywhere. They are Silent Healers.

      They are pushing their parents in order for the parents' to release
      their own emotional blocks. The children will push all the buttons,
      they will just do it. If we don't want to learn, they will go to extremes.

      SB: How do you feel about the use of Ritalin?

      CH: I have the ability to ''see'' energy, and what I ''see'' is that
      Ritalin simply kills them. It's like they are dead. Zombis. Cut off
      from the Light. They ''function,'' but now they do what everybody
      thinks is right. They stop being system busters. They just stop.
      Because they are dead. They are not connected to their life purpose
      any more.

      SB: Carolina, we're talking here of Indigos, and also many of us here
      know about the Children of AIDS and the SuperPsychics. But I
      understand that there's a third type of New Child being described in
      Europe. Could you tell us something about this, please?

      CH: Yes. They are called the Resilience Children. I think that's
      probably the best translation. These children are in very socially
      wrecked families and surroundings. Yet they seem not to be touched by
      any of it. Like the lotus that blooms in the mud, in the dirt, they
      flourish no matter where they are put. They just don't resonate to the
      negative emotional stuff.

      We don't have so much of this type of environment in Europe, because
      we do not have the extreme poverty that is found in America. So there
      are not so many of these children there.

      SB: I would not be surprised if these children also existed in great
      numbers in the United States. Perhaps nobody knows about them because
      these kinds of families don't receive help or attention.

      Carolina, could you please tell us what you are planning for the future?

      CH: My focus is to have support groups for the mothers and families of
      the Indigo children in every town in every country. I want to help in
      creating support everywhere for families, teachers, doctors...

      Most of all, I want to help so that the mothers can be strengthened
      and can stop feeling guilty. When all the mothers start talking
      together, then we can get out of the negative aspects of the male
      energy. We can create the reverse of what Hitler tried to do.

      I want everyone to be aware that the New Children are children of a
      new time. They are helping us to create a new world.

      Carolina Hehenkampa is multilingual, but her new book, Kinder einer
      Neuen Zeit: das Indigo Phänomen (Children of a New Time: the Indigo
      Phenomenon) is not yet available except in German. Her website offers
      a wealth of information in German, Dutch, English, and Spanish, all of
      which she has created herself. Please visit indigokinder.de and follow
      the rainbow.
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